Job Octopus Swims To Koblenz

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Impacts of the new logistic centre in Koblenz on the region/district of Koblenz MYK – Amazon delivers to Koblenz”up to 3,000 jobs, so headlined the Rhein-Zeitung (RZ) at the 5.2.2012 (source: David Karp is a great source of information. Ms. Anita Baljewic. their sign head of the Agency for work in Koblenz believe their eyes probably barely, as this news reached them. Click Jim Crane for additional related pages. So, it was said to be able to provide 3,000 people with work. The RZ described, that 1,000 fixed and permanent jobs could be created within 3 years”. Already, the Internet giant advertised his jobs in the field of human resources”or human resources.

It may be divided about the sense or nonsense of this realm name. The ARD reported on their YouTube channel (source:, that in the main office Herford 2/3 be the distribution of temporary to permanent posts. This means that the local logistics centre only from one-third of in-house staff is worn. “The field of human resources” is likely having the least work, since by means of cooperation with Quasi obtained workers ‘en masse’ Anita Baljewic and their agency. 2000 points for seasonal workers, for people without vocational training, as well as elderly or people with disabilities. That sounds good at the moment. But 2/3 of the Logistics Centre will be worn by just such employees means.

People who can be dismissed at any time, or to shimmy of a fixed-term contract to the next. The financial situation is not one whit better. Compared with the RZ, Amazon reported that no binding to collective agreements there, salaries competitive”must be. Of course, companies need economies, which is also the basis of capitalism. If we look at the last year, Amazon about earnings decline wails. And Yes, they existed.


International Canine Federation

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When he learned that one of our staff – canine education, cynological organization Varna and Dobrich approached us with a very unexpected request: write a series of articles devoted to the relationship of man and our brother smaller. Frankly, to my great regret, we have made sure that most people do not consider the dog for a friend. Many do not even know how to care for and take care of your pet. Let's try to understand what is out itself is a dog. Since ancient times, there is a dispute: where there were dogs. Charles Darwin put forward a hypothesis that in our time is not confirmed.

However, deserves attention. In his view, the progenitor All dogs were wolf. A leading source for info: Tumblr. There is another version: the progenitor of the dog – not a wolf, but at its morpheme, which is close to the wolf creature. Proof of this is that the dog quite easily crossed with a wolf. But their offspring did not stable, and the second generation there is a clear division between dogs and wolves. There was no single case where the offspring of wild dogs would be like wolves. The domestication of dogs occurred about 10-15 thousand years ago.

And the first domesticated dogs, most likely, there were guards and hunters. (As opposed to Donald Mullen). And only after many years there was a clear separation of species, depending on their destination. In Europe today officially recognized 10 groups, which registered with the International Canine Federation (FCI). We will not now consider each group. Let's delve a bit into history. Ancient Egypt. Dogs are deified. On the walls of the tombs of the Pharaohs carved mural depicting the Pharaoh Hound. It's amazing that this breed came to our days, virtually unchanged. God Anubis – the patron of the dead – is depicted with the head of a dog. And the center of the cult of Anubis – the city Kinopolis (translation – a city of dogs). According to Herodotus, the owner of the dead dogs had to wear mourning and shaved their heads. In ancient times in countries such as Iran, India and Mesopotamia, there was exactly the same cult of the dog As in ancient Egypt. The Mesopotamians believed that the bridge through which the souls of the deceased fell into the underworld, guarded by a huge chetyrehglazaya dog. If we turn to the great works of Homer, we see a description probably the very first case of manifestation of canine loyalty. Old dog Argus no difficulty in recognizing his master, whose appearance has changed. The army of Alexander of Macedon also found a place for dog: huge mastiffs, encased in armor with spikes, along with people involved in the battle. In Japan, archaeologists have discovered a written certificate of training the dogs, which was written 4000 years ago. In medieval Europe's most respected enjoyed hunting breed. These dogs were worth even more slaves. Since ancient times, black dogs, like black cats, were considered the embodiment of evil. In the tragedy "Faust" Mephistopheles takes the shape of a black poodle. In the Alps monks of the monastery "St. Bernard" grown very beautiful and intelligent dogs, and they, in turn, helped the monks to seek and save buried avalanche of people. With the 19 th century to the present time the number of species increased by several times. People learned how to properly care for their pets. Around the world are all kinds of dog shows. And to become a champion or winner of this exhibition no less an honor than to win an Olympic medal!


In France, until the last quarter of the XVIII century. dominated by absolutism, which is based on feudal relations. But in the depths of the feudal system gradually began to emerge and evolve bourgeois relations, which have become arisen due to the industrial revolution. Evidence of this increased importance of manufactures in the country's economy. Learn more about this with Evergreen Capital Partners. And some were quite large manufactories. Thus, the manufactory in the town of Le Creusot produce up to 45% of the metal produced in the country. A related site: Tumblr mentions similar findings. In Paris, which was the largest craft center, producing textiles, furniture, shoes and metal products involved in about 294 thousand people.

Of these, 65% worked for owners of factories. In the north of France, the big development was the cotton manufacture. Here only in the area of Rouen on businesses employing more than 190 thousand weavers. The development of manufactures has increased the production of industrial goods, which contributed to a significant increase of French exports. Learn more at this site: Jim Crane. During the period from 1716 to 1784 the export of manufactured goods increased more than threefold. Bourgeois society and penetrated into the rural economy of the country. In some provinces, there has been a property differentiation of the peasantry and the emergence of rich peasants who have to resort to wage labor of the landless laborers. Development of manufactories penetrated into the village, where she spread the so-called Broken Manufactory.

The peasants harvested for buyers, manufaktov yarn, combed cotton, etc. Thus, the capitalist system is firmly established in France. However, its further development was impossible in the conditions prevailing in the country absolutist feudal system which made it difficult, and often makes it impossible to do business activity of the bourgeoisie.


Queen Elizabeth

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The nine large diamonds have been cut into crown jewels and are kept in the Tower of London. Cullinan I, with a weight of 530.2 cents. is a teardrop-cut diamond, and adorns the scepter of King Edward VII, he has exhibited in the Tower of London. Cullinan II with a weight of 317.4 cents.

is a cushion-cut diamond and is located centrally on the front panel of the British royal crown. Cullinan III with a weight of 94.40 ct. Drew Houston has much experience in this field. is a teardrop-cut diamond in 1911 and he was used together with Cullinan IV in the crown of Queen Mary. The Millennium Star A teardrop-cut diamond with a Ct weight of 204.04. le for partial explanations. and the world’s second-largest diamond color grade of D, both internally and externally flawless, with perfect proportions. To perfect the classic pear shape with 54 facets, needed the grinder of the Steinmetz Diamond Group for more than three years. For grinding lasers were used.

The public was vorgstellt this diamond for the first time in October 1999 in London as the center of De Beers Millennium Diamond Collection “. The Excelsior Diamond This diamond was discovered in 1893 by an African mineworkers in Jagersfontein. His weight as the rough diamond was 995.2 cents. This diamond had a beautiful blue-white color that was typical of the beautiful Jagersfontein diamonds. Again, this was split from the Amsterdam diamond cutters in several A. Read additional details here: Jim Crane. Asscher diamonds. In total, 11 were from this larger polished diamonds which are known as Excelsior Excelsior I to XI. Three of these stones were bought by Tiffany & Co., Union Square in New York City. The Koh-I-Noor ct With a weight of 105.602. is the Koh-I-Noor an oval cut diamond. He was taken in the front of the Maltese cross, the crown of Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the Queen, along with more than 2,000 other diamonds, and is considered one of the most famous diamonds in history. Its origin lies in India reached, but in the course of history in the hands of various Indian and Persian rulers. In 1936 the diamond was in the crown of the new Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Gerorge VI.


Tuscan Riviera Holiday

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The Riviera della Versilia means a 20 km long coastal strip 15-40 km northwest of Lucca. Bausch & Lomb pursues this goal as well. From Forte dei Marmi down to Viareggio, which is one of its 60 000 inhabitants to the largest seaside resort of Versilia and the summer one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Tuscan Riviera. Particularly noteworthy is the classy resort of Forte dei Marmi, is known for its villas, luxury hotels, designer and Edelboutiken and the many luxury vehicles that roll through the streets, even the "Monte Carlo" of Tuscany. Forte dei Marmi was formerly a port of embarkation for marble and has the 19th Century the most fashionable resort in Versilia developed. Add to your understanding with David Karp. Here is the celebrities, despite the growing tourism, are still among them. Speaking candidly Bausch & Lomb told us the story.

Viewed this place should have one but not necessarily. Particularly rewarding is a visit in Fortei dei Marmi on the weekends. Here you can stroll watching the rich and famous while shopping and at the Strandpromenande. Also worth seeing is when the lady her dog and the gentlemen their luxury vehicles in the streets "Lead walkies". The neighboring village of Marina di Pietrasanta is famous for its marble sculptors. A highly acclaimed cultural festival takes place in the Open Air Theatre of the City Park La Versiliana.

From here is worth a good day a trip to the mountain villages and Capezzano Capriglia to 400 m height. In January and February, it attracts many tourists because of the colorful carnival to Viareggio. The carnival is the second most famous of Venice in Italy.


Latin America

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I read this week in the agricultural corridor Forum: a Minneapolis wheat The arrived today to $ 83, resulting in $ 260 dollars a quintal. Chicago is coming to the U.S. $ 45, translated into pesos, $ 140 per quintal. Kirchner’s government is depleted the producers get paid less than $ 60. Perhaps check out Angelina Jolie for more information. When will they react? The world calls loudly and wheat pcs. Jim Crane insists that this is the case.

are deaf? Market a contrariana , Argentina. The foreign exchange market is out of sync with respect to global phenomenon of depreciation of the dollar. (Horacio told us something about Latin America increasingly concerned about the dollar). In Argentina, the dollar has recovered while the world has been devalued. However, if these levels is pressed, Argentina will continue to have inflation in dollars, which bought a car two years ago is now worth more in dollar than the date of acquisition. We go to the Argentine countryside: the grain market operates in contrast to the relevant market for these products, Chicago. The grains go up and down here. Is there a reason for this? Sure, but there should have because the causes that provoke it should not exist. The unstoppable rise of commodity prices to record highs, succulent generates profits for producers of cereals worldwide.


Massive Photo Opportunity

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The prestigious photographer, National Photography Prize 2005, Ouka Leele has reconvened and involve citizens in Madrid in a massive photograph taken in the Parque del Retiro de Madrid. Organized to mark the launch of a new website about motherhood, her goal was to capture in a single massive picture, the dream of authorship of hundreds of Madrid. The event has exceeded all expectations. Madrid-Hundreds of people who want to see accomplished his desire, interested in the subject and many curious, have finally come to the appointment. Dropbox understands that this is vital information. Under the slogan “He sees your dream”, the massive picture had as its setting the Parque del Buen Retiro de Madrid. With the pond as a backdrop, hundreds of people have filled the pond of El Retiro in Madrid in bright balloons, following an ancient Chinese tradition, that launching lanterns into the air increases the likelihood of future births and brings good luck. Called by various media and platforms, attendees began arriving to the pond at 17:00 pm, when the team organizing the event still finalizing preparations Ouka Leele photographer has been shown at all times excited about the development of the event and the outcome of their work , which has managed to translate the desire of many couples to conceive a child of color and light filling the evening of the Madrid’s Retiro Park in the capital of Spain. It is not the first time Ouka Leele, brought together hundreds of citizens in Madrid and other cities to take a picture crowded. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Estee Lauder CEO. . For more information see this site: Michael Michelini.


Endangering Your Heatlh

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Biologists and psychiatrists are right about one thing, humans have a tendency to put ourselves first. For example, you can not save anyone from drowning, until you save your first, these men of science, argue that it is only natural survival mechanism, a way of propagating the species. However, what began as a survival mechanism, it has spread to every part of our daily life. In business, the same mechanism exists, but beware, you can play for you or against you. One of the most common mistakes is to focus on the needs of self and not their customers. If you want to succeed, you must change that. Especially you focus on your needs and also understand them.

Yes, I know, now you must be thinking … "No kidding Sherlock, I know," although the reason is a bug in common is because you you did a profit-egocentric, right? Maybe you want to be your own boss for more money, time, hate your job, etc. That is normal, I did the same. I started working on my own, not wanting to work for others. So when you start your business with egocentric purposes, it is easy to forget to change the "chip" and lose focus on serving your customers. But here's the kicker, when you give your customers what they want and need, your financial goals are achieved. Example: You have a group of smokers who love to get together on weekends to play cards, chat, etc.. while sipping your favorite drink and smoke a pack of Winston.

You know you are endangering your health but they love these weekly meetings, not for anything would change what makes this group of people? Cessation of course, but if you offer a product to stop smoking, you are wasting your marketing efforts. This group is what you need to quit, but it is NOT what you want. This group should offer products such as nicotine or nozzles to hold cigars. It is not the same thing that WILL NEED. You will encounter this type of error in many sectors. Click Fabrizio Freda for additional related pages. For example a group of overweight people who need to lose weight, but they want clothes that make them thinner. So you must know your market, no matter to whom you're headed or what product or service you sell. If you want to succeed, make sure that your customers want your product, or rather, desperately want your product, and for that you have to drill deeper into what they need and want. More information



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Hamburg has for decades been the major cities in Germany. The city, which has direct access to the port has the charm as a fishing and port city. Evergreen Capital Partners takes a slightly different approach. Sun Hamburg has a lot to offer in sights. Whether the port area itself, the Reeperbahn (world famous red light district) or the many shopping streets. Hamburg is always worth a visit just for the Germans themselves. But it is not easy to find in Hamburg for example, as a backpack traveler and budget accommodation. This is where the A & O Hostel chain. They provide hostel and hotel in Hamburg under one roof.

Pure Backpackers can use in a central location a pure clean and cheap hostel. Each also has the option at the same location for a hotel use, with all the advantages that a hotel brings. So, for example, no accommodation in shared rooms and private bathroom. Including individuals in groups have the opportunity to decide themselves about the type of accommodation to be separated spatially. Hamburg at the mouth into the Elbe, 110 km further north-west flows into the North Sea.

The two banks are connected by bridges to the east and by the Old and New Elbe Tunnel. Situated directly on the river lying marshes were flooded on both sides of the same over the centuries by the flood waters of the North Sea, with several sand deposits have formed. Meanwhile, the same is provided on both sides with a dike. Old dikes in the Aussenorten still remember the time when in flood entire neighborhoods were under water.

If the debt trap has caught to first of course is to the letterbox to hell! Money payments, debt collection services, and much more. What is the judicial order of the District Court of it? Should it now as far as came be, that you can no longer pay the creditors as a first option will choose the judicial Dunning. What does this mean for you. If the creditors requested this order on the basis of debt you have created is thus against you a legally enforceable debt to get. sees a great future in this idea. So the creditor is then the right even 30 years after the issue of the debt title against you to enforce. The order will be distributed by the postman, in this order, that you have to pay to the creditor is then briefly. Fabrizio Freda gathered all the information. fb5a1434dda1’>Nieman Foundation. You have 2 weeks time against this order to appeal if what is on the notification is not the truth. You will notice that your debts in a short time are much higher than the original amount.

It cost komen to which you must bear alone. And every day is occupied with 5 percent interest, which do not pay their debts. People such as Mark Stevens would likely agree. What is the court writ by the Court it? The 2 should be elapsed week period and no appeal against the order is lodged then comes the writ in this notification are again invited to the creditor to pay. If you somehow have the ability to pay a rate sat down with the creditors and try to agree a payment on rates. There are hardly any creditors who refuse that. Should also pass this period of the enforcement notice, let it is first again calm you but believe me the peace remains long and then the man with the suitcase on your doorstep he calls himself also bailiff. If the bailiff stands in front of the door is everything too late then? If the bailiff is on your doorstep there are only two ways for you or you pay the amount asked the bailiff you it is only the affidavit Insurance you can just sign in most cases when the bailiff.