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Biological Sciences

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Using the breaking game heads for the education of Biological Sciences Renata Rafaela Alves Gomes Federal University of the Rio Grande of the North, Center of Biocincias, Department of Physiology – PIBID? Institucional program of Stock markets of Initiation to the Docncia? Av. Salty Senator son, University Campus New Lagoon, CEP: 59072-970? Natal/RN – Brazil Summary the education and learning of Biology sufficiently leave to desire in the proposal pedagogical traditional. This model applied in classroom is seen as ones of the causes of the dispersion of the pupils around the education, who see as something to it tedious and insignificant. Therefore, one of the great challenges of the current education, either in Biology or other areas, is to awake the interest, curiosity and attention of the pupil. Recognizing this difficulty, it has each time more the necessity of the application of playful in the education process the learning.

Ahead of this, the objective of this work was to produce a game that assists the professor and facilitates the setting of the content for the pupil. The game is one ' ' citolgico&#039 breaks head; ' composition for thirty and two parts which approaches organelas and other pertinent components to the cell. The pupils will go to learn on cytology of a different and amused form, having for that to stimulate the reasoning, memory, logic, patience, and knowledge. For the professor, the game is a model that can be modified to use it on of other subjects of Biology. The game was applied in the School State Travelling Jnior, Christmas-RN, and evaluated for fifteen pupils had used who it. The majority of the students liked it game because it found it amused and it made with that they remembered previously of the given content. The perspective is to spread out the game for more pupils and professors to get itself resulted ampler.


Bohemian Perfume

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For some, the perfume demonstrates our personality, a mark that shows and it is related intimately to the characteristics of the character, as much of the woman as in the man. It is so the importance that obtains the perfume for the senses, that it can bring about memories to us and in some cases acceptance feelings towards take that it. He is not simple to know the perfume ideal of each person, his election obeys to uses that it, scent shares with those who surrounds to him. You can buy perfumes of a good diversity, and multiple models and classes of good perfumes, nevertheless one of the great elections will be the perfumes online, like in, store in line thought for brindarte infinity of colonies, fragrances and cosmetics online. You can find O-Man perfumes of woman, it is the ideal Web to flatter the person who you want, looking for the detail that will evoke the best aromas. In you can buy perfumes of the marks more recognized really accessible prices, with the facility that it gives you to realise your purchase by the network. It looks for the perfume that goes in agreement with your personality, the variety is infinite.

If you are a modern or Bohemian man or perhaps a woman you radiate provocative sensuality and, that colony, perfumes or cosmetic that litters looking for, waits for in the site to you of perfumes and cosmetics online. You can order to your cosmetics woman or of man, to any hour of the day, 24 hours are perfumes that you have only with acceding to the Web and selecting the one that you know that its aroma is special. For all type of people, you have the security that you have the one defines to you better. It remembers that although the tastes by the perfume change, the foundation and the circumstances by we used which them, in the end agree, to feel us in our interior and to transmit our aroma well, also part of us. You do not think more to it, decidedly is no better option to have of everything in house, without desplamientos.


Industrial Revolution

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This new time, that some scientists call of antropoceno face to the radical interferences of the human being in natural resources, were initiated with the Industrial Revolution, the use of machines the vapor and discharged in the oil as main world-wide energy propellant. History is constructed by a series of events and not for forces or ideas of previsible trajectory. Galileu in 1609 made scientific use of the telescope to point the heliocentrismo in against point to the geocentrismo. This event changed the routes of the planet. Which will be the actors who will identify the events of this special moment and will go to lead the process of great innovations and solutions of a new time? Which will be the unloaded ones that they will be to the edge of this process? The construction of a sustainable society, between many other events, demand the creation in global scale of one ' ' Verde&#039 code; ' , to implant a new technological, social and ambient revolution. All the rules of this code must be come back to fight the biggest world-wide collective crisis, the global heating provoked by climatic changes. Demand adoption of new mannering positions, with changes in the current standards of consumerism and production. This process requires much cultural time and changes in all the social chains, lastreadas in questions of ethics and social justice, mainly in the re-education of the devorador consumerism of natural resources of the capitalist system.

To each period of 15 years, 1 billion of sedentas people of consumption and new features enter the planet. The concerns with the future are not only centered in the population increment and the possible scarcity of natural resources to supply all the species that cause concerns, but also the climatic changes and the enormous happened social conflicts of the structural disequilibria that such changes cause. Challenges and chances In last the one hundred years the human being in such a way emporcalhou the environment that global the average temperatures had gone up about 1.


Sales Thanks

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