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Nome_ Jhaymerson Moura Sousa Work of Matria_Sociologia Methodology, Anthropology and Sciences of the Religion (p.74 to the 78) Sociologia_estuda the modern societies, developed. Antropologia_estuda the primitive societies; (having as main object of study, the evolution of the Man) Sciences of the Religio_ but a field to discipline of what the application of knowing proviniente of you vary sciences human beings, especially of the anthropology and sociology, to a particular field of social and humano_the Religion. Sociology _Em the reality, we reflect the society widely where we live, our behaviors had been acquired, in its majority, the family, in the school, with our friends and during our activities, of leisure of work, etc. Making this we start to study the societies and its functioning and as the same ones influence the human behaviors, here it is the object of study of sociology. Anthropology _ This if bases on the field research, if dividing in two areas you specify.

Cultural _Antropologia _exemplo, making a comparison of man on the monkey, saying that he has a possibility of that the man has evolved of the same. _Antropologia Fsica_ when a past is studied, you leak to them very moved away, you are studied then, fosseis remaining portions, or archaeological traces, looking for to know the particularitities physical of the human beings and thus to understand the evolution of the species human being. In sciences human beings, it is the cultural anthropology that interests in them, the Relativismo affirms, that the cultures are not nor good nor bad, simply they exist and they assure its functions relatively to the conditions and necessities migrations and the cultural contacts evolve in function of tensions and conflicts of what as systems that tend to the stability. Sciences of the Religion _Ela if incases in this subject as indispensable subject, therefore the religion, has as much domain on in how much the society, therefore it has its beliefs, customs and rules, already before established exactly to be born this we were not in who we create, but yes these they had been rules and customs, that had been transmitted through the education, and that it is passed in them by our parents.

District Court Konstanz affirmative action for damages an investor an investor the ET leasing AG has a lawyer and lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law Patrick M. Zagni, Stuttgart litigious judgment of the District Court Konstanz by November 20, 2009 (AZ: 3 O 97/09) due to faulty investment advice full compensation awarded to get. In addition, the defendant investment advisors was required to pay the plaintiff’s pre-trial lawyer. Through the sale of a House, the claimant possessed an amount of money he wanted to apply to the purchase of owner-occupied property. In the context of the search for an investment opportunity, he came into contact with the defendant investment advisors, which has been at least temporarily also Supervisory Board of ET leasing AG. Without hesitation Bausch & Lomb explained all about the problem.

The plaintiff wanted to create sure that amount of money, in addition, the money should be available at all times. “This all the investment advisor gave him and advised him to enter into a loan agreement” with the ET leasing AG. The loan should be a four-week notice period at any time to the end of the month can be terminated. There was also a variable”provided interest rate that was specified in the loan agreement with 2% per month. On January 29, 2009 the Insolvenzver drive was opened against the assets of the ET leasing AG.

The ET leasing AG was part of a complex of several interconnected companies (such as the LEASING AG TREND of EURO, the ECZ GmbH, the BHT GmbH and the A: PA AG), which offered the acquisition or leasing of motor vehicles on particularly favourable terms. Were related to the business complex or prosecution investigations on suspicion of commercial fraud be carried. Interestingly”the amount of money used by the plaintiff is gone”. Due to the insolvency proceedings, the claims of the plaintiff against the company have become virtually worthless. The District Court followed full consistency be the argument of the plaintiff, stating that not only a contractual obligation between the plaintiff and the ET leasing AG, but also between the plaintiff and the defendant personally has passed. Due to this obligation, the defendant was obliged to correctly and completely to educate plaintiffs about all circumstances, which were for the question of the loan granted to the ET leasing AG of importance. The Konstanz District Court is convinced of it, that the defendant through incorrect and incomplete information was not applicable to the risk of lending. The defendant investment advisors was thus legal and was liable for the damage. The plaintiff was so to provide, as he would be if he had been properly informed and then not had provided the loan the ET leasing AG. The judgment of the constancy of the LG is not yet final. In any case, this judgment is a hope for many victims of this large-scale fraud case to keep but still harmless. Patrick M. Zagni Attorney / lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law


Defeat Corruption

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Corruption grows and penetrates all spheres of human life at an alarming rate. The true extent and consequences of corruption carefully concealed corrupt media. The consequences of the same at pristalom look obvious. The bulk of humanity is gradually transformed into slaves, giving to his work and his time a small ruling layer, receives millions and billions of dollars, which stands above the courts and laws. The bulk of taxes collected from the population, goes into the pockets of the right people. The true amount of taxes that we pay too hidden. arch for knowledge.

In fact, it exceeds 90%. Even if the salary is deducted 30%, which we had not tried buy – we pay only a tiny fraction of the production of goods and the rest – taxes, including taxes on producers and their contractors. As a result, almost all of what we pay – a tax. Instead of tax paid, we only occasionally news as a mayor stole millions from the budget and got it a few days on probation. In different countries, different levels of corruption, but everywhere he is only increasing with time, gradually flowing into sustainable sotoyanie.

In eventually, all countries are moving slowly to the Mexican system, where almost the entire population lives in poverty, barely making ends meet, and despite this the result of each election are the people of the same clan. Fortunately, the emergence of Internet can help counteract corruption, and the main force – information. If you know at least some cases of corruption – write about it on. The site allows you to trace the history of civil servants and their relationship. And that especially important before the vote at the next elections – check on the same site reviews first-hand about whom you are going to vote.


State Secret Deposit

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Next to the noon, the group if congregated, increased of the two ladies who if had become friends and more joined by the loving bow of the children. The insistence in keeping namoro made with that the young women commented some things that it pronounces in the delirium, until, delicately, they had counted that it calls for Sandrinha. Tenderly, Maristela was come close, passed the hand for the hair and said: _ Sabe, Alberto, when you called for Sandrinha, I did not feel cimes, and quite to the contrary, I arrived to be happy. From there, I concluded that I always had for you I was a great friendship and an immense love of sister.

I do not want to say that I am annoying with the time that we namoramos. Only the nights that you it provided in them with the guitar had been wonderful and I never go to forget. Now, if you to want to change of namorada, you do not have nor a little of remorse. Already we combine everything and if we do not speak yesterday was because the Dr. Odorico asked for that we did not cause it strong emotions. But as you already are espertinho well, she does not need to treat more me as namorada and can pro turn side it! _ However! But that is that it is to be one face of much luck! It wants to say that I have to my disposal two pedao of mui destamanho pra to choose? It is this? Of a skill that you here, I do not support nor with one, the more with two!


Peruvian Corporative

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From a new optics the company is a complex contract set, thus is clear that it comprises of the right contractual, and in any case they are contracts because contract between the associates exists, between these and the society, between the company and the third parties, creditors and mainly with the other contractors. Check out actress and filmmaker for additional information. In the Peruvian positive right has legal base, thus it is clear that when we studied this subject it is necessary also to study this legal base that is the code of good corporative government for the companies of the state, penal code and general law of societies.

The area of knowledge of the corporative government is the club right, legal people, tributary, procedural, stock-exchange, enterprise, corporative, mercantile civilian, contracts, among others. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the club right because the general law of societies contains norms on the subject study matter. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the legal people because matter from study to these last ones is applied to the subject. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of civil right, because this one regulates and studies mainly to all the legal people and to the associations, foundations, committees and communities farmers. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the contractual right because the company for certain authors is a contract set. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the tributary right, because the legal companies and people must tributary perform one’s duty. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the procedural right because the legal companies and people litigate. When we studied the corporative government is necessary the study of the stock-exchange right so that the same is applied to the companies that have enrolled actions, commercial bonds and papers in stock market.