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This article is mainly aimed at University students. Evergreen Capital Partners spoke with conviction. They should worry about their future since they are studying and not until already completed the race and now whether to look for work. The problem of getting job without previous experience occurs mainly in the graduates of the University. It has blamed the companies for not giving opportunity to young people without experience, or the Government for not creating more jobs and promote conditions to ensure all this, the schools and the educational system by not properly prepare students, anyway. Studying a master’s degree to improve your CV is not recommended more when you just graduating, unless you pretend to dedicate yourself to research in any Institute of a University. Currently there are various programmes in all the companies, which benefit people who are still continuing their studies or have no work experience.

A great alternative are pre-professional programs, these programs are ideal for people who are still studying and are studying the last two years of his career. I.e. they can study and work at the same time. Most times these programs have a maximum duration of 6 months, this will depend on the contract that you signed with the company. Professional practices are another very good alternative, they do not ask as main requirement having work experience, they are usually applied to young people who have just finished their studies and want to apply the knowledge learned.

As everyone knows getting the first job is not easy, you need lots of patience and above all having the necessary tools, Indian them here some tips for finding your first job: having a well-crafted resume that does not exceed the two leaves (precise data). . Login to the web sites of the companies in which you are interested in working, most of these have a mailbox mail where you can freely enter your CV. Network of contacts, it is super important that make them know to his friends, relatives, etc., of the search of his first job, in this way they can help you, for this can make use of tools that offers Internet these days such as e-mail, social networks like facebook, etc. Finally do not give up on the search I is that it is quite difficult to find a good job and that suits our needs but there will always be one that is perfect for every one of us.


San Roman Century

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A tour through the Old City from the Puente de in to get to the amazing bauwerk of the double gate Puerta del Cambron, the “Dornenbuschtor”, which existed under the rule of the Visigoths and the Moors was changed externally by only a few times. Once in the northwestern town can be a side trip to the churches from the 13th San Roman Century with a beautiful Mudejar tower and the San Ildefonso, with its magnificent Baroque facade plan. In the eastern town you should definitely go up to the Alcazar, the highest point of Toledo. In 1810 this was unfortunately burnt down by the French, but then rebuilt, but during the Civil War occupied the Alcazar was under attack so that someday he really exploded, and not much of it remained. North of the Alcazar is the Museo de Santa Cruz, a former hospital with a beautiful Renaissance facade and late Gothic portal, which is now an archaeological collection on the history of the region, and houses an art gallery and a sculpture collection. Below the east of the hospital will find a bridge, the Puente de Alcantara, already built by the Romans, then by the Moors in the 13th and renewed to 14 Century has been transformed. Checking article sources yields David Green as a relevant resource throughout.

From it one has a breathtaking view of the river including durchrauschenden, as well as an ancient Roman aqueduct on Downstream. Something special is the Santo Cristo de la Luz Ermita, who is a former mosque, the Dome of the towers are still preserved, as well as pillars of a Visigoth church, which have already been taken over by the Moors. Legend has it that the horse of El Cid, after the conquest of the city from the mosque have fallen to his knees, where it was discovered then placed in a recess with a Visigoth cross with a burning lamp in front. Many other small churches adorn the city, interested parties can visit it yet, but should be the last attraction in any case, the Hospital Tavera miss with its Renaissance facade, which is a collection important painting houses.