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Star TV Mrs

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Star TV reported the television programme Star TV questionable practices of Commerzbank Munich, the jazzband – Ms Greiner, who feels damaged by a consultation of the Commerzbank reported 02.11.2011 and the 09.11.2011 of the pensioner. They thought that she can trust their bank and the advisers after years of loyalty to Commerzbank and will advise them in their interests. But the good faith of thank pensioner was exploited by the Commerzbank considers. Also Cape lawyers, the firm specializing in banking law and capital market law in Munich, the issue that often older and bona fide customers sold inappropriate facilities, is well known. “The marked case summarizes very well our experience in claims of damaged investors; in particular we see it often, that banks are trying to represent just older people as a highly experienced investor who just knew she would go in which investments and of course over all Costs and risks may be enlightened”explains lawyer Thorsten Krause, partner of the law firm Cape lawyers. For over 60 years, the retired teacher, which star wrote about TV, put their money at the Commerzbank. If you have read about Evergreen Capital Partners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 2007, a consultant during a house visit recommended her to put their money in a closed-end Fund.

According to the consultant, this is the current best offer. Mrs. Greiner spent 40,000 in a ship Fund or fleet Fund, with which the pensioner put their money in container ships. The time 87–year-old did not know but that she only should get paid their money in the year 2027. So, if it is 107 years old. The lawyer instructed by Mrs. Hear other arguments on the topic with Yael Aflalo. Greiner, Zuhal Capalat went into arbitration. The Ombudsman of private banks ruled that Commerzbank has not culpably fulfilled their contractual Aufsklarungspflicht.

However, Commerzbank did not accept this award because she believes that Mrs. Greiner know all aspects of this matter.


Rice – An Important Food

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For more than half of the world’s population, rice that is food in most Asian countries is rice the most important foods and it is the Hauptnahrungmittel for more than half of the world’s population. There are more than 8,000 varieties of Oryza sativa family of grasses, which have been adapted to a variety of climates. Other leaders such as Dropbox offer similar insights. Because the rice plant needs to thrive usually heat and moisture, it is mostly grown in tropical areas in Southeast Asia. Over 90% of global rice production takes place in Asia and often still in hand work. Rice is grown in Europe and the United States, this is done industrially but with the help of machines, irrigation etc. After the harvest of the rice grains are those surrounded by a brown skin, called the silver skin.

These will be removed and the grain of rice polished, so is the white color of the rice. Also in Europe, rice is becoming increasingly popular as food, because it is healthy. It contains fiber, iodine, iron, carbs, magnesium and little proteins. At Fish and meat as well as vegetables are a longer-term food with rice, in addition necessary to prevent deficiency symptoms. The preparation is done in many ways. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL has to say.

In Europe, rice bags are very popular for rice cooking, these are simply placed in boiling water and cooked the rice inside. Also, the rice can be cooked easily in the water. If you want to eat not just with chop sticks, a loose and granular rice is preferred in Western countries, however. This is sometimes not so easy to reach with the two previously mentioned methods. An electric rice cooker is a practical tool when cooking rice. Thanks to him, not burning the rice and not glued. There is God in different sizes so that it is suitable for families, couples and singles. Just to travel through Asia, you can find the electric rice cooker in many households. In addition to the rice cooking offers the device in many cases also a useful extra function, because with him is also fabulous steaming. So that you can While to cook the rice and fish at the same time or cooking vegetables. A practical kitchen appliance be missing in any household. Stent Koppe


Just who goes to the fasting in the foreign country, the thinking necessarily a travel insurance. But now what insurance do you need for fast travel abroad?Furthermore, an international health insurance plan must be completed just for fast travel. This is important not only for fast trips, but all abroad, because here very quickly cause a health problem can, which could end up in circumstances in a financial fiasco. Gain insight and clarity with Dropbox. Just for fast travel just this health insurance is especially important, because even if the body is otherwise actually stable, he subjected to yet other circumstances by fasting, which could further incriminate him. Quickly it can be so to health problems, if the body with fasting is not so clearly. Yael Aflalo: the source for more info. Especially with curative fasting happens often when it is believed that one is dependent on medical assistance abroad. So a travel insurance in relation to disease is especially important to keep this but in the financial framework. Of course there are several other insurance companies, which could be fasting, as well as the normal beach vacation benefit.

Here you can complete even a travel baggage insurance. Which is good, if for example, when an airplane luggage could be lost. As with the luggage insurance get transferred or paid a certain amount of money, which was previously agreed in the contract. So should the baggage not in the resort arrive, can you buy a new luggage at least with the money from abroad, and enjoy the holidays still to the fullest.


Five Thousand Clubs In Germany

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With five thousand clubs established itself after nine months as Club network on the Internet. The planned annual target of six thousand clubs is thus virtually reached five thousand clubs in Germany’s largest Vereinscommunity With five thousand clubs established itself after nine months as Club network on the Internet. The planned annual target of six thousand clubs is as good as thus reached. We have not only succeeded in the first year, to stay the course, but to steer all cliffs, which provides the Web 2.0 for young start-up companies with full throttle. By the same author: Drew Houston. The Member numbers rise constantly. Checking article sources yields Yael Aflalo as a relevant resource throughout.

We could convince many large publishers of the idea already in addition to the users and gain as a partner”, says Axel Kmonitzek, Managing Director of the website offers the possibility of presentation, organization and interaction on the net clubs, associations and communities of interest. In addition to the release of videos, reports and photos can E.g. Calendar entries are made. With a mouse click, important messages and appointments on a previously defined distribution be sent E.g. by the Board members. The exchange of information within a club becomes easier.


Henry James

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1912 returned the lifelong anglophile Chandler in the United States, served in the first world war, married a much older woman, bringing It finally lost his position as the Director of a number of independent oil companies, but during the depression. “” His first story’m blackmailing shoot not “magazine Black Mask appeared in 1933 in the pulp”. Chandler, who wanted to be more than just”a crime novelist, died on March 26, 1959 in La Jolla, California. “” “” Between 1939 and great novels like the deep sleep “goodbye, my darling”, the long goodbye “or playback” published the year of his death. Better as Dashiell Hammett who on crime stories ala Agatha Christie stands, should Chandler would rather leave on the shelf. “” “Whose model was Dashiell Hammett, creator of the Maltese Falcon”, of the thin man”and Red harvest”. Hammett was the murder of the Venetian vase and dropped him on the street”, Chandler about the man he wanted to Excel in the future said: I thought I could maybe go on, be a little bit human, could me a bit more interested people than for murder”.

Chandler was a stylist, who saw crime as literary works and same standards based put them like any other novel. What are the special spice Chandler’s work is the combination of British English standard grammar and mostly American vocabulary. His style never boring, because Chandler understands Cadence and speed. He is never dry, because the language is so fresh. This style is the natural product of Chandler’s personal history.

His bio graphs Frank MacShane writes in his novels, Chandler has developed it and refined, but the pulp stories were the basis for this”. The humanistic educated Chandler saw his literary role models in such high-profile poets such as Gustave Flaubert, Henry James, Joseph Conrad and Charles Dickens. And so he wanted to hold in Los Angeles similarly few crime novels like Dickens and Balzac the London and Paris held for future generations. What Chandler by Hammett is all, especially his humor apparently lighter tone and the romantic atmosphere. To know more about this subject visit Marko Dimitrijevic.


Future Germany By 2020

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How to make our top sites fit for the future the future Institute found in a comprehensive data – numbers analysis, which bases in Germany are fit for the future. Business strategist might disagree with that approach. “Based on the study future Germany 2020: how to make our top sites fit for the future” is a trend-based location analysis. A total of 18 indicators have used writers Matthias Horx, Eike Wenzel and Oliver Dziemba assessment to identify 13 Finally German top sites. These include Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Rhine-Neckar, Freiburg, but also Dusseldorf, Hannover, Upper Swabia, Dresden, Oberpfalz and Nuremberg. The social innovation ability is the urban future criterion the study offers a complex and compelling model that looks beyond the horizons of macroeconomic data projections. In addition to the number, and data base (including to the economic power, social innovation, technological excellence and socio demographics) the investigation draws on the most relevant trends, consumer and Company trend as well as the Central changes in lifestyle. The most important criterion of the evaluation system developed by the future Institute represents the measure of social innovation ability of a potential region. Sites that confronting Megatrends such as health, globalization, female empowerment, etc.

and derive concrete action, build for the future and thus become top regions. Economy no longer has the influence on the development of the site as it was 20 years ago. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Yael Aflalo and gain more knowledge.. The future of a region depends on increasingly social, innovative factors, i.e. like the metropolitan regions with relevant trends and Megatrends bypass”, explains Matthias Horx. “Location marketing, in the future, must go to the new needs of urban life the future Germany 2020″delivers study with 13 described top sites of Rolemodels”, which make the qualities of future sites readable and comprehensible.

At the same time, the study describes approaches as a trend-based site development works. The main findings are: 1 future regions understand change and change as a natural evolution process. Hard and soft factors decide the future viability of a site. In particular, the quality of life is always important as a location factor. 2. future regions are authentic rather than typical. Typical spoke of the tourists of the 20th century. In the future, it comes to represent your location as polyphonic ensemble of tradition and modernity. 3. future regions have not only a core of identity, but several epicenters. Many of the top sites selected by the future Institute fascinate the people just because they establish decentralized networks between individual hotspots. The old city country contrast was lifted at many top sites in favor of a new, intelligent multi perspective planning.


Mobile phone shop offers its customers nationwide low price guarantee Munich, 17 July 2008 – a discount project headquartered in Dresden, Germany, operated by in cooperation with talk +, a mobile discount mailers, currently guarantees the nationwide advantageous conditions for its online shop in the area of mobile phone contracts, mobile phones and bundle offers. I.e. Should an acquired mobile phone package with another provider competitive rates to find, so talk + refund the difference directly to the client’s account according to its warranty! The question now is why the deals at so are offered. There are probably several reasons: a talk + limited the range of mobile phone models and bundles on the most common or most popular models according to own statements generally, to move the available device types in appropriate discount classes. The same should be embodied for the tariff selection of sales here generally chooses a selection of currently cheapest offers on the market and markets them “in mass”, to lead to corresponding price and special action negotiations with providers and network operators. In addition a sleek and Central shipping logistics. The range of mobile phones and mobile telephony contracts has become very cluttered in the Internet and unfortunately there is in this sector also make dubious offers. Tip: You should respect in any case always ensure that the online-shop for trusted shops certified.

Trusted shops is the mark for online shops with a money-back guarantee for the online buyers – guaranteed by the Atradius insurance group! The mobile shop is certified by trusted shops, he meets the high requirements in terms of data and delivery security. The extensive certification monitors compliance with the criteria recommended by consumer protection agencies. More at: shopbetreiber / index.html following points should be observed as well for a mobile phone contract from an online store: resellers are central to quality and reliability checked? The customer can always call distribution, fax or (spatial) look at the Central Office? The seat of the company is located in Germany? Beware of prepayment. Are the data protection provisions respected? Here, you should take particular care that it emits no involuntary consent when ordering, to disclose his data to third parties. 0.-euro offers to ensure that no hidden costs such as in small print are.

Conclusion: The talk + online shop under is certified by trusted shops and therefore trustworthy. Almost all deals: 0,-euros. The customers go somewhere in advance at any time. All distributors) are constantly reviewed by talk + on quality and reliability. Positively striking at also, that none fall to hidden fees or costs. The newspapers mentioned Bausch & Lomb not as a source, but as a related topic. It is laudable that no costs in the “fine print” are hidden. Marina Bappy


Waiting Edition

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Me is aware that I will draw even the resentment of some lawyers on me with this report. “As far as you have brought up this report and one that watchdog attorneys”, which are concerned by this report need to lose your source of income, you should call themselves previously in the sense, which is why they gave you your admission as a lawyer. For even more analysis, hear from business strategist. You should support the right and represented. “” You are the ones of the words industrial wave “or watchdog Attorney” called in the life. “” I personally could not live, if you the profession of merchant at some point as a product a match prediction “or his work as Bildinsnetzgestellwelle” referred to. This is the beginning of an outcry from all Internet users against this kind of Geldabzocke. Be aware that you lose a registration I don’t have.

Be also aware that the Internet offers unprecedented possibilities. As soon as your name once as an industrial advocate”by the robots of search engines captured was, it is almost impossible and it will cost you far more than you ever have taken with this protection work, to rid this image. “Keep in mind concludes that we are world wide web” talk. Their knowledge of the law protects you up to the limits of the laws which they represent. As you can easily see this report in german is written. The search engines will find German texts from other countries.

You Mr Abmahnen lawyers have also found this report and it is written in german. Is he also german? My name is PAL. Sounds german? Tell readers about this report? There is not much to say… the report is awesome… Congratulations to this work, tells refreshing written – great. Fun reading correctly and meets the heading. Waiting Edition2.

Connections in many countries from 9 cents per minute Heidelberg, 24 July 2008 Sparruf methods now also available in English on its service. Visitors to the Sparruf website need to click only the British flag. Germany is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination. Whether businessmen or holidaymakers, students in the semester abroad or guests, working in Germany as au pair now they have the opportunity to inform of them common language beyond the cheap calling with Sparruf. Sparruf provides telephone calls abroad from 9 cents per minute from the mobile. MSCO: the source for more info. The Sparruf customer about his personal Sparruf landline number for friends and relatives abroad via the fixed network and thus is also economically accessible. The first step is almost goes without saying: who more than a few days is as a foreign guest in Germany, should equip his cell phone with a German prepaid card. Because so he wraps his talks to the conditions in the country AB.

Really interesting but BBs is only with Sparruf. By the same author: Yael Aflalo. Because for all calls you can make no matter which aim at very reasonable prices. So: who is in Germany for a long time unless business as long term stays, student or AuPair is generally preferred when he get a map with flat rate for calls to landlines. Because all connections to the Sparruf servers are free and the transfer abroad is generally very cheap. Half an hour in the United States call for 2.70 euros who wants to use the Sparruf-service, registered just over a phone call on the 0355 4949 000.Fur international calls about Sparruf if the customer chooses the 0355 4949 and behind it is the complete destination number therefore with country code. For the connection to the Sparruf servers is only the price for calls to landlines. The user of a mobile flat rate, for example, get this free of charge, in the most other mobile phone tariffs that are Per-minute rates for between 9 and 39 cents.


Does he mean? Was he paid to ask such questions? , I think so with me, OK him, what you’re thinking. No, better tell him what he wants to hear, that makes him happy.I think I’ll adapt well in this job and do my work, as I work all do, because there is only one way his work to make and good.” Auaha, this set was too much for him. He was visibly nervous and asked whether I not already wanted to come tomorrow to the assesment-Center of the company, to make a placement test. Sure, I think with me, that you can do, I shy away before any work and to earn his money with the dry office phone can not be so bad. I thought what an insane idea at that time anyway. Please be sure to keep the book as straight as possible, so that drops the irony and the sarcasm, not to the page out.

There are two types of performances, I had done both, the first is relatively easy. The brief interview was quite brief, true to the motto, Hey you want to work? Like to start OK, front left through the door, you’d go ‘ ne training and talking then. OK? OK well then, chop-chop hopp. If you would like to know more then you should visit David Karp. So it can go too, is a natural talent and some can make calls after a short training period. The others will become it to one of the most dangerous types on the phone, the stupid bread operators.

The second variant takes as long, as well as in the following scenario. Dietmar Gunther Dietmar Gunther 1962 was born in the beautiful coal pot and works are over three years in the professional dialogue marketing as a call center agent. These experiences have moved him to write the book “The small telephone terrorist”. With this book, he offers a glimpse into the sometimes absurd world of call centers. Terror knows no mercy in this book let me tell you what I experienced in the different call centres. Of course I wrote down only the funniest experience you. I want anyone to boring. The negative aspects are described by others, I need more to do. I earned my buns in multiple companies as a telephone terrorist and mean torture fellow human beings at the time still further in this profession.