Bizerba Dicer A510 cuts on fixed weight, thus reducing the give-away and accelerates the work processes of Balingen/Eurasburg, 28 June 2010 new business of bio country farm Packlhof is equipped with the A510 Bizerba slicer. It reduces the give-away thanks to integrated scales and ensures smooth workflows in craft enterprises. The collaboration began with Bizerba about years ten ago, when the technology manufacturer business endowed the Bioland award devices as well as scales and cash registers. Also, the slicer A 500 went into operation in here. The Bizerba cutting machines have convinced even then us and we were very pleased with the service,”Josef reported owner and Managing Director of the Packlhofs urban. If you have read about David Karp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Due to this experience, Josef urban stocked his newly opened in Eurasburg business with Bizerba sell scales and the cutting machine A510.

Our main business is the supply of organic supermarkets such as E.g. Alnatura. As pure handicraft business we have a great day Product diversity to cope, which must be precisely cut, weighed, packaged and delivered to the grams”, explains urban. Especially the integrated scales of the cutting machine helps us.” Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba, explains how it works: first slice thickness and form of filing of the cutting material can be set via the menu of target weight. During the cutting process, the product is now permanently weighed and the cut portion compared to the target weight. Depending on requirements, the cutting machine of the software regulated then.

the thickness” The precise determination of grams is very important for the reduction of the give-aways. “Uncalibrated products are expected with average which in addition and free 10 percent blend, is packaged”, so Gmelin. The integrated scales not only ensures a gram-correct score, but also actively boosts the company’s profit. Through the combination of cutting machine and scale to save not only when the give away, but also valuable work time and thus personnel costs: traditional cutting machines, meat and sausage is only cut and then weighed.

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