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In the introduction on it limits of functions the author surely would explain to you that she looks for with this subject and as they are the objectives that consider with respect to limits of functions. (it is most important to read this). In the conclusion on it limits of functions the author would speak to you in form summarized on important aspects and excellent of it limits of functions, also is possible that she speaks to you of the fulfillment of the objectives proposed. Independent of which each book it different approach, the important thing is that you fulfill this point. 3. To read the subtitles of the subject. The reading of all the subtitles allows to know that concrete aspects of the general content are developed. again, it asks each subtitle about that tries? when? where? because? like? so that? or any other question that is happened to you.

(it writes down all this). We go to the subject limits of functions: With respect to this subject you would find subtitles like: Fucin in a point limits of one. You limit lateral You limit of a function in the infinite. Properties you limit of them. etc, etc.

Sight that important is to take a reading fast of these subtitles. it does not matter that at the moment you do not understand the teacher already clarified the questions to you and doubts that arise in your mind, but the important thing is that you prepare your mind to understand the subject in class. 4. to read and to try to interpret the diagrams, figures or photos that would ilustaran the subject. In the subject of it limits of functions you would find graphic mainly in Cartesian coordinates that tried to you to explain the concept of limte and on the different classes from it limits. (it tries to interpret them). You see that different it is to go to class with these knowledge previous? You never leave of to do it. like expert that I am in methods of mathematical learning and education, I assure to you that you initiate with good foot and enormous advantage on which they absolutely do not read on the subject before going to classes.

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