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Alternative healthier smoking by moving from the cigarettes of Qualmer to the E-cigarettes “Steamer” the winning E-cigarette than smoking cessation is introduced with mail-order pharmacies, hot in the trend, but she will not burn. This is an alternative healthier smoking. By moving from the cigarettes of Qualmer to the E-cigarettes “Steamer”, i.e. – < the tobacco cigarette with tar, carbon monoxide and many other harmful substances in the smoke–> on the “winning” E-cigarette electronic expansion cartridges with harmless LIQUID (evaporation of liquid), which contained 5 pieces flavoured tobacco (no nicotine) in the standard kit, a welcome help is offered to the non-smoking to get used to the cigarette smoking willing to transfer to. The average habit smoking has known over the years many default situation in the daily routine accustomed to, when he reaches for a cigarette almost automatically: After breakfast, if he’s car increases or decreases the receiver after a good cup of coffee after dinner, if it something upset or nervous makes, at the beginning of a break and much more. Then the handle according to the cigarette almost automatically.

Therefore he ensures consistently, he always has his Pack cigarettes to. And just for the “winning” E-cigarette KIT is designed in a way that having the one dough intercooler Kit the familiar “package”; (according to about 50 cigarettes) “steam ready” always at hand has no tedious and annoying fiddling to the refilling of liquid-liquid in the cartridge or an empty tank with a syringe, which has the most offerings in the market. Not the big smoker market for E-cigarettes so here is addressed with nicotine cartridges or nicotine-liquids, but the small market of willing to transfer to smokers in the trend: quitting smoking, non-smoking, stop nikotinfreier benefit, smoking, smoking habit. 5 flavor cartridges (no nicotine) according to 50 cigarettes are indeed also included in the Kit. On the road or out of the House you have the charging station (looks like a Cigarette box) 2 charged batteries and 5 cartridges always, so good Pack supplied with cigarettes as with 2-1/2, to save money but about 60%! And one “steams” 1 cartridge on healthier article = 100 trains = 10 cigarettes and 1 battery (battery) is already equivalent with a half Pack cigarettes.

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