Deferred Payment

November 25th, 2013 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Few people know of the chaos that occurs in the world, of that they do not appear in the television, therefore of these types all waits and unhappyly already it became common, however what few know it is of the massificao that has for brings of our medias, and which is the objective of everything? The profit. In sociology it has what it is called in fact social. One of the characteristics of the social fact is the coercitive force of the society on the individual, the said society rules in which the individual must follow, however when it does not follow the rules the proper society excludes it. The society imposes certain standards in the society, that places in conflict certain individuals, but the person no matter how hard not concordant, it will be part of the society. We fall in the error to find that everything that we make that it seems normal for we comes of our proper personality, however some trend already comes elaborated of is, and of the nothing we see our adolescents dressing equal clothes in determined times, most of the time one three months in the maximum, or women buying clothes and remedies, because somebody spoke that it would be equal, better and always of good with the life. that such that enormous will to eat a greasy snack with that if it has right with that one I eliminate gostoso black color in the way of a novel that does not have nothing to see? Because of more the will to see in all the angles as a person it was deceased, one family fight or fofocas of the other people’s life, of what a promotional cultural project of the peace that appears in those canals that badly of the one to attend for the tunning, that does not have favour? An opinion is certain! This not of the money. But worse it is not the influence that the media has in the society, is the malignant influence that the media has in the society. It is the sales of the sex, the revolution, what ' ' eles' ' they want is for in the people a way of if thinking, therefore everything what he is contrary to its objectives is discarded, being thus, the proper ones, they have the power to display what they want well, and in the schedule that to understand well..

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