Document Editing

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With some experience and skill, to edit one file in this manner takes less than a minute time. If you're going to edit lots of files, the folder 'My Documents' should always be open, and a Web editor as well. And, for me personally, it is more convenient and faster to work when both windows are open not for the whole screen, and operating system settings (button puskpanel upravleniyasvoystva papkivkladka total) selected "open each folder in a separate window." Actually, the operating system allows some operations perform a number of ways, so a little practice, you will choose for themselves their own, you are comfortable with the style of work. A slower way to edit. Sometimes you need, on the contrary, remove all unnecessary, and paper and more anything on the page to leave.

This is done by running: the menu item 'Edit' and then line 'Cut', and sometimes more convenient and faster, especially if you display 19-inch or more and is click the right mouse button (Required for selected location) and then 'cut'. But the main thing in this case, this selection object to remove. They are quite a lot and this will be discussed below. Methods for selection. To select a graphic or a frame where it should be, you need to click the left mouse button on it, but it's better to click right away, right.

Difference see in practice. Saves one click and no need to keep the mouse pointer to the menu item 'Edit'. You can make the selection and the traditional way.

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