Henry James

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1912 returned the lifelong anglophile Chandler in the United States, served in the first world war, married a much older woman, bringing It finally lost his position as the Director of a number of independent oil companies, but during the depression. “” His first story’m blackmailing shoot not “magazine Black Mask appeared in 1933 in the pulp”. Chandler, who wanted to be more than just”a crime novelist, died on March 26, 1959 in La Jolla, California. “” “” Between 1939 and great novels like the deep sleep “goodbye, my darling”, the long goodbye “or playback” published the year of his death. Better as Dashiell Hammett who on crime stories ala Agatha Christie stands, should Chandler would rather leave on the shelf. “” “Whose model was Dashiell Hammett, creator of the Maltese Falcon”, of the thin man”and Red harvest”. Hammett was the murder of the Venetian vase and dropped him on the street”, Chandler about the man he wanted to Excel in the future said: I thought I could maybe go on, be a little bit human, could me a bit more interested people than for murder”.

Chandler was a stylist, who saw crime as literary works and same standards based put them like any other novel. What are the special spice Chandler’s work is the combination of British English standard grammar and mostly American vocabulary. His style never boring, because Chandler understands Cadence and speed. He is never dry, because the language is so fresh. This style is the natural product of Chandler’s personal history.

His bio graphs Frank MacShane writes in his novels, Chandler has developed it and refined, but the pulp stories were the basis for this”. The humanistic educated Chandler saw his literary role models in such high-profile poets such as Gustave Flaubert, Henry James, Joseph Conrad and Charles Dickens. And so he wanted to hold in Los Angeles similarly few crime novels like Dickens and Balzac the London and Paris held for future generations. What Chandler by Hammett is all, especially his humor apparently lighter tone and the romantic atmosphere.

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