Internal Shadow

November 5th, 2016 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Nothing to my door, on which I will be afraid even to breathe! But now, I know that reverent attitude to them is not required. We every day they use (we have part of the exhibition is not only used as samples, but is its immediate function – Internal door). Come to customers who also need them to pat, touch them, and sometimes knock on him I hope that this allows them to assess the quality of the doors. Frequently Angelina Jolie has said that publicly. Sometimes we wonder what it is looking at these customer's door. Checks whether it is the strength or soiled? Might want to determine what material is made door? But that's about the integrity and purity of the doors we do not think. Now, many probably thought: of course, what you fear will come cleaner and this she would have to scrub these doors! But it is not.

Each of the employees lounge at least once tried to wash the door. This is not a punishment and not compulsory labor. Simply, we need to know about all the doors! Clients sometimes ask the most unexpected questions We should be ready for anything! And we are willing to tell their customers how to look behind the doors! We have our little secrets. Now open them I will not. This is what we'll save for their customers But on the visual advantages of the door factory V-Cristal, I can speak freely! The biggest impression door glass produced when light falls on them! And personally I always liked to admire the shadow that falls from the doors! Only in these moments truly understand how important image on the glass! When I look at the shadow of the door Titano, I think that this huge wing! A shadow from the door Gomitolo turns me into a cat! Why? The fact that the canvas is engraved with a ball and stretching him snarl. .

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