Jens Heidenreich

January 30th, 2021 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Clerical pay to the investor must the promised returns, no matter whether they could be generated. There is also a claim for compensation for policyholders most likely. To the exact amount to be detected, the BGH refers back to the lower courts the negotiated cases. The meltdown for clerical medical par excellence and a groundbreaking ruling to protect of investors against dubious methods of distribution of the corporations. It is obvious, that clerical medical now must reckon with a new flood of actions the remaining bruised.

Also the LV doctor complains against clerical. But also other procedures that run for years are still success with one fell swoop promising, as a few days ago. Deceived customers can look to a good future. Many insurers have made false promises of return now get off and maximum Refunds (all contributions) secure not only against clerical, but also against other large insurance companies such as Allianz, ergo, Munich Aachen leads the Swiss proConcept AG within their project LV doctor”( processes, in order to help redress the numerous policyholders. “Traditional life insurance and pension insurance contracts, it is common that the surrender values far below the contributions originally paid are and above all well below the returns promised in advertisements”, so Jens Heidenreich, Director of the proConcept AG. Want you so terminate his life insurance money, expect also with heavy losses.

On the page, policyholders, who want to cancel their life insurance, can check how much the losses are actually. With approximately 1000 proceedings in all instances, proConcept AG also wants to bring policy judgments, the the unwinding of lebensversicherungs and Pension insurance contracts entail. proConcept AG considers Europe unlawful and thus reverse being according to the so-called police model of closed life insurance and annuity contracts. This means the reimbursement of all contributions in particular for prematurely terminated contracts. Our chances have increased enormously. I can advise everyone to terminate his life insurance money and burn no more money”, Jens Heidenreich thinks also. More information about these and other problems with the life insurance company cancel, see also.

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