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At the same time taken into account both external and internal links. Algorithm for determining the weight of each link is kept secret by search engines. But there is a general principle: the greater the weight of links, the higher pr pages, that contains a link. Last but not least important, is the reference ranging, ie, account by search engines, not only the fact of links to a page on your site, but also what words are in the text of the link. But for successful self-promotion of a site in the network is important not only knowledge of the principles on which search engines work, but also of the ways of promotion, of which there are many and varied effect on them.

To denote the beginning of what can and needs to be done: – determine the needs, progress on which should yield the best results – to provide the necessary keyword density – to place your keywords as close to the top of the page, paragraph, proposals – to include key phrases in headlines – in a tag, but do not overdo it at the same time. – Very useful to place on the website article, not only about selling it goods or services, but also on some related topics. This will allow attract additional, and quite possibly interested visitors. – To work with links (exchange links with similar subject site, register, website directories, to encourage other webmasters put one-way links to your site, for example, offering to publish your articles, news announcements, informers, etc.) Now, what to do in any case should not be (this could lead to removal from the search engines): – Use text in background color, or very, very small, almost unreadable font. Many ways, the result is – well positioned, and soon – a ban (the same deletion).

– Use the doorways. 'Classic' option Doorway – a page on another domain, stuffed to the limit of keywords, often completely incoherent, and containing masked for search engine robots redirect (auto-redirect) on the desired page. If you notice a doorway search engines immediately throw it out of the base. – The use of cloaking. It lies in the fact that 'ordinary' user is presented with 'normal' page, as the search robot system shows a very different – stuffed with search words, and often completely unreadable to humans.

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