Measuring Productivity

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It has often said that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. And is that having the best product if not we have excellent employees for placement on clients of what would serve. An employee permanently motivated not doing something else rather than measuring productivity in the enterprise. A recent encuestra between the main head hunters have resulted that employees are motivated simply to be treated as human beings and not as a number more in payroll. Why recommend performing sporadic surveys revealing the emotional status of its employees that help determine the main strategies for your organization that in line with practice maintain control over productivity. Here are the strategies that are recommended: 1.No is only paying the salary.

While the chord remuneration is important, more people want a degree of intrinsic satisfaction from his work. Pay attention to intrinsic awards. Organizational Give your employees a greater sense of purpose, communication and to participate in the vision of the organization. Specific objectives link to the overall mission of the company at any meeting, memo, e-mail or internal document. 3.Reconocimiento and reward.

Establish effective mechanisms of recognition and reward for that achievement of recognized them. 4.Proporcionar opportunities for career advancement. Recognized that the lack of professional progress is reason number one why people leave an organization. High turnover is expensive, set aside time to progress and creates a negative culture at the company. Casual 5.Viernes. Promote a change of pace by introducing casual Friday. This can help alleviate stress levels and break down hierarchical barriers. 6.Oportunidades’s leadership. Create certain responsibilities on employees who generate opportunities to provide leadership trouts this will have a sense of contribution and accomplishment. 7.Fomentar a positive ethical culture. Foster a culture positive and business ethics increases a sense of meaning and responsibility social. Training 8.Oportunidades. Facilitate and provide courses and free professional development seminars – not mandatory – and allow employees to apply their new knowledge at work, wherever possible. 9.Tertulias extra-Work. How casual Friday, extra-work social gatherings to help break down hierarchical barriers and help to foster a positive organizational and team culture. 10.Equipos of work. Temporary or permanent teams are some of the best ways to stimulate employee productivity and help employees to motivate others. Also improves creativity and achievement helping other teams directly – or indirectly – in various specific tasks or projects. This allows change of role and provide new challenges for employees.

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