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As user of taxis sometimes is difficult to locate a taxi on the street and which above all has the security of being a taxi that meets all the legal requirements to operate as such, in Mexico there are many taxis pirates, that for some reason do not have the required permissions or are delinquent at the wheel, locate a taxi by an internet portal either site, base, radio taxi or taxi ejcutivo, gives us more security and greater ease of location for any incident that we can choose the more close to our home and about everything that meets our needs of taxi operator requires complete information on how to comply with the requirements necessary to perform their daily work without any problems. from the 21 ferero of 2011 there is a DECALOGUE of safety in TAXIS. DECALOGUE of safety in TAXIS Council citizen of public security and administration of Justice of the Federal District unveiled the Decalogue of the rights the user of Taxi, which seeks to improve the quality of the service and the safety of the passengers. The Agency noted that this document raises the It’s possible to travel in a clean car, where the driver’s license is clearly displayed and that is driven by a courteous driver who obey all traffic rules. The Decalogue also seeks to achieve a trip quiet, free from the noise of the radio, knowing clearly the clear rate and driver do not use cell phone while driving. He is also recommended requiring a journey free of smoke and unpleasant odours, air conditioning or heating on request, seat belts for all passengers and not sharing the journey, unless you want to. Through a statement, holder the Agency’s citizen, Luis Wertman Zaslav, explained that this Decalogue joins the security actions already undertaken the Council. These consist of promoting preventive actions to users as check the plates from the unit and it is visible that the taxi driver carries his green card until the passenger address. Once you are on board the unit, it is recommended to call the phone number 55335533 to provide the name of the driver and his plate, which are identification in the event of an offence.

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