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The universe, with a crazy-density (1094 g/cm3), concentrated in the "drop" should contain equal amounts of matter and antimatter, which in such a small amount would not be able to avoid a deadly encounter. TSI International Group takes a slightly different approach. In addition, in view of the newborn universe as a "drop" laid a paradox. If the universe was once a drop, it is not infinite and eternal. You may find Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL to be a useful source of information. If the density of the "drop" was sverhyadernoy, but not infinite, but the amount of matter in the world is also not infinite. If the matter is not infinite, then it is not eternal. And if it is not eternal, it means that the matter had beginning. If it had a beginning, it means that it had created a kind of intangible force a word, not by chance a growing number of scientists rejects the Big Bang theory. So astrophysicist LM Mukhin compares with the Big Bang theory sword of Damocles hanging over cosmology.

Nobel Prize winner H. Alfven calls this theory "an affront to common sense." A doctor of physics and mathematics, SG Fedosin in his article "Problems of the fundamental physics and possible solutions ", says:" We have every right to say that the Big Bang theory claims to be the biggest myth in the history of physics. Generated by this theory, the problem of deadlocks and theoretical thought such that the only radical way to get rid of them is the rejection of the theory itself. " Rather, adherents of the Big Bang theory are feeding on its protection, because nowhere to retreat, "behind – Moscow!".

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