Public Administration In Brazil

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As well as the Spaniard, the north American had been skillful ladrilhadores, that made of construction of its cities in America, a company of the reason: contrary to the natural order, with triumph of the lines straight lines, searching internal regions, representing a steady prolongation of the metropolis. The geographic disposal in Portuguese America hindered communication channels between the population, not contributing for the development of questions that involved the community, fomenting the democracy. The settling in Brazil, according to Oliveira Vianna, produced two institutions basic: the feudal clan and the parental clan. The first one is characterized for the complex agricultural structure and hierarquizada, where Mr. of the feudal protected and gave assistance to its servants, in turn, the parental Clan the organization was molded by the complex of the senhorial family, understanding the biological family, as well as the kindred for affinity or adoption.

These structures had influenced directly in some sectors of the Brazilian public life: ‘ ‘ In synthesis, the feudal and parental clans had molded feies of the public life in colonial Brazil; its typical cultural complexes had molded norms, uses and habits that gave substantiate our public law usual. The legacy of three centuries of settling was thus, a dispersed society in agricultural farms, little coesa and strong hierarquizada, and a culture privatista, particularista, personalista, localista and paternalista-authoritarian politics. On this improper land, and without taking care of of it modifies-l, the elites who had made independence had wanted to build democracia’ ‘ At last, the federalism to the being implemented in Brazil faced difficulties with regard to social, cultural, economic the structures existing, fruits of something here bigger: the Brazilian historical process, as the strong trend to the centralization of the power; the relations molded for the personalismo; the flexibility and adaptability of ‘ ‘ jeitinho’ ‘ ; the trace adventurer of the settling, amongst other factors. People such as MSCO would likely agree.

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