Ralph Pawlik

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Furthermore, there is a part number variant in which the investor brings only half of his deposit. The remaining half will be within the next 15 years through Clearing with an also set distribution claim initially 5.09% per annum provided. This variant is aimed at people who want to align their planning for the future in the medium term. And finally, there is the so-called ‘classics’, a variable distribution, which focuses exclusively on the cash flow with a projected distribution of 5.75% p.a.. INVESTMENT: Stand so the flexibility in the design of the Fund in the foreground? Ralph Pawlik: I think here, the name becomes the obligation. Flexible, to develop modern investment products and to place was always expression of FLEX fund company philosophy. Our investors Fund basically have the possibility of termination to set compensation values in FLEX. In addition, an internal secondary market, through which investors can also sell its stake within a few days and has even the prospect of a proceeds exceeds the value of the plan does exist now.

INVESTMENT: So a legal closed Fund, from which man always comes out? Ralph Pawlik: Look at a combination of closed and open funds, which is unique in this form in the market. We believe that investments with fixed, long maturities are no longer up to date. INVESTMENT Fund analysis PRIVATE FLEX Fund 1 of the Fund invests in a portfolio of the asset classes real estate, securities and money market investments, and raw materials. Because the planned investments at the time of the publication of the prospectus are not yet set, there is pool a so-called blind. The holding company aims at diversification of investment funds. Among other things, the direct and indirect real estate investments is planned, primarily (both commercial and residential economic use) to make, because this is often cheaper opportunities via the secondary market.

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