Rice – An Important Food

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For more than half of the world’s population, rice that is food in most Asian countries is rice the most important foods and it is the Hauptnahrungmittel for more than half of the world’s population. There are more than 8,000 varieties of Oryza sativa family of grasses, which have been adapted to a variety of climates. Other leaders such as Dropbox offer similar insights. Because the rice plant needs to thrive usually heat and moisture, it is mostly grown in tropical areas in Southeast Asia. Over 90% of global rice production takes place in Asia and often still in hand work. Rice is grown in Europe and the United States, this is done industrially but with the help of machines, irrigation etc. After the harvest of the rice grains are those surrounded by a brown skin, called the silver skin.

These will be removed and the grain of rice polished, so is the white color of the rice. Also in Europe, rice is becoming increasingly popular as food, because it is healthy. It contains fiber, iodine, iron, carbs, magnesium and little proteins. At Fish and meat as well as vegetables are a longer-term food with rice, in addition necessary to prevent deficiency symptoms. The preparation is done in many ways.

In Europe, rice bags are very popular for rice cooking, these are simply placed in boiling water and cooked the rice inside. Also, the rice can be cooked easily in the water. If you want to eat not just with chop sticks, a loose and granular rice is preferred in Western countries, however. This is sometimes not so easy to reach with the two previously mentioned methods. An electric rice cooker is a practical tool when cooking rice. Thanks to him, not burning the rice and not glued. There is God in different sizes so that it is suitable for families, couples and singles. Just to travel through Asia, you can find the electric rice cooker in many households. In addition to the rice cooking offers the device in many cases also a useful extra function, because with him is also fabulous steaming. So that you can While to cook the rice and fish at the same time or cooking vegetables. A practical kitchen appliance be missing in any household. Stent Koppe

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