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“You can’t stop this process, because we are talking about a pure natural product, the surface of which viewed under the microscope is very porous.” Granite window sills are maintained these impurities and allow the Visual impact of the granite window sills are easy with a mild alkaline natural stone cleaner back to remove. Then, the granite window sills should be treated with a Natursteinimpragnierungsmittel. This increases the service life of the natural stone and makes it more resistant to moisture in the long term. According to Drew Houston, who has experience with these questions. Marble belongs in the indoor during granite for exterior use marble is found frequently in interiors of houses (as a marble staircase flooring) or as decorative tabletop. Granite, however, can also in damp places such as, for example, the bathroom – and the exterior of the House how to use for granite window sills -.

Depending on personal preference and color taste, there are countless varieties of natural stone available. Still various colour combinations resulting from the different quarries exist even within a natural stone. If you are interested in window sills for a natural stone staircase or granite, consult the dealers right. Natural stone is often more expensive than other materials, but stone is also due to its durability and timeless elegance. For us, every customer will advise individually.

Often we call online customer to clarify several details. Many of our pure online customers forget the water Groove on their granite window sills or register with us because the own dimensions are wrong.”Yannoucos finally adds. Often inexperienced builders to measure the width of the window, order the granite window sills at us and wonder after the plastering, that sills do not fit the supplied granite.” Daniel Yannoucos, therefore each advises builders, the mass of granite to take to windowsills, to order the material and to be fitted immediately. The plastering work only after the installation of granite to make window sills. Natural stone is an investment and in the future barely another material has similar longevity.” The two founders of granite-discount look forward into the future. The demand is constantly increasing and customers pay attention increasingly on quality rather than only on the price. This makes it easy for granite-discount. Granite GmbH Ruslan Yeszhanov

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