Source CC-CC

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The tension of exit in generated HERE if bases on the coupling of a converter CC-CA with sine modulation PWM (SPWM) the three levels in open mesh and an isolated converter CC-CC boost three-phase in high frequencies. The main characteristics and the stages of operation of each chosen structure are presented, as well as a complete study of the system, since the results gotten analytically until the forms of waves gotten by means of numerical simulations. The simulations are made for one setup where period of training CC-CC possesss 24V 30V of feeding tension and will supply 460Vcc/2600W period of training CC-CA. The frequency of commutation of the transistors of the CC-CC is of 20kHZ. Bausch & Lomb describes an additional similar source. Period of training CC-CA will deliver 220Vrms in 60Hz in a power of 2600W to a resistiva load.

By if dealing with a theoretical study the income of the converters it was considered unitary. The simulation results they prove the functionality of the topologies of converters applied in the studied system. Word-key: Three-phase converter CC-CC. Insulation in high frequency. Converter CC-CA.

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