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Funerals In Moscow

December 26th, 2016 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Moscow, like any other metropolis has a vast infrastructure of various services associated with the funeral arrangements. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bausch & Lomb has to say. Funerals in Moscow – include burial in a cemetery, employment agencies and funeral ritual Bureau, the production of ritual production, besides a large number of different public services, as the powers and possibilities of controlling this considerable ritual business. It is worth noting that the funeral services in Moscow and the whole region, in comparison with other Russian cities are very well developed. According to the specialists of Moscow business turnover of the ritual is to approximate estimates of 100 million rubles. And with much of this money is not taxes are paid. Unfortunately, ritual agents prefer to remain in the Tang. Despite all the sophistication, funeral services in Moscow are far from perfect, is the place to be, for example the practice of 'plum' of information about deaths mortuary workers and police for a bribe, black ritual agents who run away with money and customers, etc.

According to statistics, every day in the capital, kills about 300-400 people, and a year on average – 130 thousand people. The funeral Moscow authorities allocate grant 11 thousand rubles plus 4,000 who rely relatives of the deceased under federal law. In Moscow, there are about 20 major metropolitan funeral directors have a license to provide funeral services in Moscow by the Moscow city government, as well as the existing Funeral smaller. A huge number of nowhere recorded firmochek companies, as well as private entrepreneurs and enterprising people simply knowing where, what and how much supplement the existing picture. What all do they differ? First of all – price. And as is often directly related to the price – quality, no. Further, the proposed list of ritual services. Funeral bigger can boasts its own car park hearses, a wide range of ritual supplies, arranging funerals, and vip, etc.

Funeral agencies take smaller cars on lease under specific orders and in general the scope of services Of course they have correspondingly less. If the paint detail, the following funeral services in Moscow, you can count on: the formulation of the death certificate and certificates for special benefits for the organization the funeral of your loved one. If you need a long-distance or international transportation of the deceased, then your service will provide specialized transport for cargo 200. Would you like to pay tribute to the original wreath, then your sketches manufacture funeral wreaths of fresh flowers or artificial or other ritual accessories: coffins, crosses on the graves, monuments, fences, urns, funeral ribbons, etc. There is a desire to capture all video or photos, please it you, too, and organize. Of course this is a general list of funeral services in Moscow, in the various funeral services and a different set of conditions. Recently, the Moscow authorities, annoyed, too a lot of "ritual" of money passes the city budget, prepare to spend the capital of a radical reform of the full range of funeral services. Is it able to help the funeral industry, time will tell.


Council Product

August 16th, 2016 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

The Internet grows to gigantic steps is estimated that more than 2 million users are added per year. Imagine the potential that has this for people that we want to undertake some business on the Internet. One of the trends is the sale of information through reports or ebooks anyone can do this creating your own ebooks or selling of affiliates with which avoid you create some product and you do not need web page, you just register in any of these programs, the only thing you have to do is establish a sales strategy for these products. Mistakes are made when you choose a product of affiliate: one of the most common is not to choose a good product, I give you a Council product that your choose analyze it as if your were the customer, if you convince wants to say that it is a good product for which your can start to promote that product. If you would like to start promoting a product? Some of the affiliate programs listed you a series of strategies that you can implement if not so I’ll share a powerful tool that can help you succeed with the sale of products of affiliates.


Clausewitz Strategy

November 14th, 2015 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

It is no secret that business today – is a competitive war. And the essence of this war, the need to outwit, beat rivals who were opposed. A buyer in this fight – is the new territory of conquest. To win, you must understand and apply the principles of military affairs. Weapons can be changed, but the principles of war, first brilliantly described by Karl von Clausewitz in 1832, remains the same and are based on two immutable "pillars": the strategy and tactics. His presentation strategy can greatly help modern commanders win battles on the field of modern business in the xxi century. All successful leaders in many respects similar to generals, leading the vast armies: they also use a practical and time-tested principles of management and success in spite of all difficulties and obstacles unthinkable, achieving more than those who these principles does not know or simply ignore it. Strategy and tactics of successful military commander in possession of trained soldiers, the best weapons and military equipment, which has a huge advantage over the enemy, especially a tactic consistent with its strategy.

Achieving tactical results is the main and only goal of the strategy. The criterion of effectiveness of the strategy in business is always the result. Results are obtained first of all employees, so these things should be linked. Strategy should be built as a bottom-up and top down. Only a general with a deep understanding of what is happening on the battlefield, capable of To develop an effective strategy.