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Who Invented Legos

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Many generations of children passionately panting, connecting small Circuits with each other, and future fellows, of course, continue to do so. But few people know who came up with a wonderful toy called a constructor. Inventor of the first children's designer is considered to be an Englishman Frank Hornby. He was a butcher's shop steward Liverpool. Mr Hornby told me that this wonderful idea that a child may create technological innovations, was born in his mind when he traveled by train. That's because, quite by chance, Hornby has invented a wonderful children's game, not just fun for any child, but also very useful for the development of children. Named the product as follows: 'Enhanced toy or a device for teaching children and adolescents. " Needless to say, that this new game immediately became popular? Kids early twentieth century enthusiastically collected from metal strips with holes, bolt, screws, brackets, and everyone there miniature detalek various designs, and Mr Hornby has earned a fortune.

He even wrote a book called 'Frank Hornby: the man made millions on the toy. " The company, named after him, is thriving and is now offering the world great model railroads combined. Wooden designers came up with an Austrian named Johan Korbuli. He was the father of many children and merchants. Favorite pastime of his younger son was breaking facility who built his older brother from the wooden blocks. 'Builders' this fun is not pleased. And then a wise father Conflicting children found a solution: he has done in all cubes holes, and they can become tightly connected by wooden sticks.

Advanced invention received the stores in 1903. Used to design beech wood. 'The Matador', so called new toy became a true classic among its numerous counterparts. First magnetic designer appeared relatively recently. The idea belonged to the Italian inventor, Claudio Vichentelli. He says that the unique design was born is very simple. Noticing that toys with magnets virtually non-existent, Vichentelli put before a task to unlock the potential of a magnet in that direction. For example, since 1998 Designer 'geomagnetic', and it all sorts of analogues rapidly began to gain popularity. Well, finally, it's time to talk about plastic designers. One can argue who was the first, but I would like to go directly to Lego. Homeland of this design is Denmark. In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen opened its own production of various products tree: from the stairs to the toys. The first familiar worldwide plastic parts design emerged only in 1949. It is surprising that ever since, that is, for sixty years, all the elements of Lego in any form attachment combined with each other. Since 1963, the manufacturing company Lego uses completely non-toxic plastic, which is also practically not subjected to loss of color. Lego is not just the most popular brand in the world designers, it is also material for unlimited children's creativity. Besides impeccable quality products is focused on a variety of age groups of children. In conclusion we can say that designers are virtually irreplaceable toy for any child. They develop logic, imagination, perseverance, independence, and sensory motor skills to mention. Designers interested in both boys and girls. Of course not absolutely perfect toy, but it seems the designers, combining beauty, safety, strength and infinite variability, closer to the ideal.