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English Networks

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Microsoft Windows 8 operating system will be unveiled with several proprietary antivirus, all of them will be adaptable to the first software. A new feature added to this is the configurable parental control which will be suitable in the blocking of adult content, as well as other pages that they are not suitable, we can always go introducing terms, among them also of social networks. Redmond did not want to talk about it, Windows 8 contains one among its various options, what is striking is the simple of use, it comes with tutorial full in castello and in more than 20 different languages more, among which are English, Chinese, French, German and others. This parental control will get parents keep children safer on the network of networks, we on the other hand believe that the use of the same shall be responsible, not better with block all pages, either Google, Bing, etc this wants to achieve that we have to finish a navigation more secure and that of our families, can say it is almost unthinkable to not include it in other versions. Pablo.R.


Moscow Golden WiFi

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How do I choose a laptop or PC? Let's look at some key points that need to be addressed when choosing a laptop or personal Mezhuyev "fixed" computer (PC). Laptops. Pros The main advantage laptop is its portability of course! But this does not allow laptops, plus be more productive than a PC. Small size and weight. Even laptops are desktop replacement category can be easily moved to another location. Notebook can take a business trip to the country, on vacation.

No, not required to connect external devices. The laptop includes a built-in display, keyboard and pointing device (typically a touchpad). Ability to work offline. The presence of the battery allows the notebook to work in an environment where, the electric network is not available (in a train, plane, car, coffee shops and on the street). WiFi – wireless networks. Except for some extra-models virtually all laptops have built Wi-Fi adapter that allows you to connect to the inernet without wires. Access Points Wi-Fi available at many cafes, entertainment centers, airports and hotels. There are also municipal Wi-Fi network allowing to connect to wireless networks in many areas of the city (eg Moscow Golden WiFi, Beeline WiFi). Evergreen Capital Partners can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Cons High price. One of the main disadvantages of laptops is their cost. Price less productive laptop will equal to the cost of the fully stocked desktop computer (complete with monitor, input devices (mouse and keyboard) and sound system). Inefficient. No large size notebooks special requirements for cooling, so the components used in laptops have strict limits on heat dissipation, and therefore power.



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All it actually takes a matter of choosing the brand. Another thing – the choice lineup. Under the same name today you can find lines for various purposes, different price categories and, consequently, uneven performance and reliability. Descriptions of families, up to detailed specifications, published in the official manufacturer's website. To select the disk, thus affect primarily the needs and financial capabilities of the buyer. Often make adjustments situation in the local market (not all models may not be available), as well as changes to the production program. For all makes of it updated at least twice a year and have already been released line of permanent development. Further development includes both the debugging of the production process, and change versions of firmware.

In some cases, the detection of serious problems in firmware, the producers make the new version of the public, so that the users themselves patched previously purchased Railway (anything supernatural do not need, just run the downloaded file to execute). The new firmware would be corrected seen 'bugs', but more often it serves to increase the productivity and stability of the drive, including in difficult conditions (heat, vibration, etc.). This implies the first piece of advice: do not take without great need for the latest model, just released on the market. New items may contain unverified solutions in the design and firmware, and most importantly – are not stable in quality. A noticeable dispersion characteristics in different parties, and often cases of direct marriage. The technological fine-tuning usually takes 3-4 months, so that the first buyers of tangible risk.