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The Appropriation

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To other provoked by the extreme expansion of the international trade that says respect to the scale of the economic activities it tends to exceed the limits of the load capacity of the world-wide ecosystem. These problems brought for the globalization disclose a relation of particular interests in the current ambient quarrel. For I rebel (2010, p.8): The moral and ideological choices in the debate contemporary on the nature and the environment disclose, in the truth, the concrete interests of rich nations developed and of its ruling classes in the appropriation of the scarce in its domnios, but still abundant natural goods already between the underdeveloped nations. In this exactly direction, the French thinker, Guattari (1990) defends that only it will have a reply to the ecological crisis partner, will be in planetary scale and with the sprouting of an authentic revolution politics, social and cultural, which reorients the objectives of the production of corporeal properties and incorporeal. Thus, means of production sustainable and consumption must be found, therefore, as it affirms Axe (2006), the money that finances the production and the consumption is atrelado to the morality and the legality of this production and this consumption, then, the destination of this money neutral or it is not dismissed of ethical coloration, not being able, therefore, to finance the pollution and the degradation of the nature. The abundance of the goods of consumption continuously produced by the industrial system is considered, frequent a symbol of the successful performance of the modern economies, (PORTILHO, 2005), what it can all bring drastic consequncias for the environment in the planet. This means that the problems related to the environment are ignored by almost all the society, a time that, lack concrete actions, either on the part of the public power or the proper citizens in exploring and using with social responsibility the natural resources that are to the disposal of the humanity. This reality is also present in the city of Aragominas? YOU, where these resources also pass for a process of deterioration and scarcity, thus bringing consequncias of difficult recuparao to the environment.


Chris Anderson

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However, it does not obtain to execute the contrary operation, what the Internet is capable to make very well. Each time more the mass market if it converts into mass of niches, and this trend is applicable in such a way to the consumption of merchandises how much to the media consumption. This process of market dismemberment is called by Chris Anderson de Long Cauda (2006), definition that make reference to reference the curve statistics of the sales of the products in the market. The top of the graph enters hits (the vendidos item more of determined product) and ' ' cauda' ' enters the niches varied item of little sale, but that practically added they are equivalent to the sale of hits originating the following graph: (1) the tail of the available varieties is much more long of what we assume; (2) it now is economically viable; (3) all these niches, when aggregates, can form a significant market (ANDERSON) In almost the totality of the markets, it has much more niches of what hits. Of this form, to the measure that the costs of production and distribution fall, these niches can be offered widely, originating a market of abundncias. digital distribution, in set with powerful technologies of search and critical mass in the diffusion of the broad band, is being responsible for making the markets on-line will reconfigure the retail economy, that is, now the variety of available products for sales is very bigger. However, only one bigger variety of offers is not capable to dislocate the demand below tail. She is necessary to disponibilizar ways to make with that the consumers find the niches that if fit in its profile, and for this it is necessary the use of tools and techniques as recommendations and classifications the calls ' ' filtros' '. Mark Stevens oftentimes addresses this issue.


Environmental Impacts

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Keywords: Daily pay Salt, Environmental Impacts, Accidents 1.Introduo After the event of the last months in the Gulf of Mexico, lit the alert one for the ambient question in the exploration of oil in sea, the accident occurred in the called platform Deepwater Horizon, the 80 kilometers of the coast of the American state of the Louisiana, if it gave due to loss of the control of the well that caused the known phenomenon as ' ' blowout' ' or eruption of the well. These events are of low frequency, however of raised potential polluting agent, occurring when it has an imperfection in the BOP (blowout to preventer), a great valve located in the head of perforation wells, that must be closed case the control of fluids of the reservoir are lost for the crew of the platform. The daily emptying varied enters the 12 a thousand 25 a thousand barrels, according to estimates of the American government, what it generated great damages the fauna and the flora of this environment. Dropbox addresses the importance of the matter here. The depth of this well was of 5400 meters, what it generated concern for Brazil still more, therefore with the discovery of the layer daily pay-salt, in some points of exploration, the oil is located the 8000 meters of the surface of the sea, beyond the existence of a salt layer that turns around 200 the 2000 meters. In Brazil, a case of emptying in day 7 of June of 2010 in the Basin De Campos, next to the platform to P-47 processing occurred, in the Field of Marlim, approximately the 160 kilometers (km) of the coast of Maca. According to Petrobra’s the emptying proceeding from one mangote that it would be used for the oil transference of the P-47 Platform for ship CAP Jean, being was set in motion the Plan of Emergency against accidents, where a helicopter and four boats specialized in oil collect had been mobilized, controlling the emptying was immediately, without damages to the people and the installations. Gain insight and clarity with Dropbox.


Recycling For The Environment

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Project for the reduction, recovery, and recycling of the produced residues as garbage in institution SUESC – Unified Society of Superior Education and Culture. Additional information is available at Bausch & Lomb. Definitions: Garbage – it is all and any residue proceeding from the activities human beings or generated by the nature in urban agglomerations. They are solid residues produced and discarded, individual or collectively, for the action human being, animal or for natural, harmful phenomena to the health, the environment and well-being of the population. Toxic garbage – it includes stacks and batteries, that contain acid and metals weighed in its composition; certain types of ink (as that used one in the printers), beyond industrial residues.

Selective collection – it is a specialized job in collecting the material duly separate for the generating source. This system facilitates the recycling because the material remains clean and with potential greater of reaproveitamento. It is the term used for the collect of the materials that are passveis to be recycled; previously separate in the generating source. Amongst these materials you recycle we can cite the diverse types of papers, plastics, metals and glasses. Re-education? habits and customs that do not move of the night for the day, do not mean to educate, the education are primary the informative procedure. The re-education is the revision and alteration or reinforcement of information that come to reach the objectives of changes in the attitudes, behaviors, way to think and to enxergar the environment and its Inter-relations. Reduction? it is to diminish the amount of garbage. The best form to decide a constant problem, as it is the case of the residues, is to prevent its appearance. One of the attitudes to reduce the amount of generated garbage is using manufactured products of different form, or drawing out the time of useful life of the product. Costuma, for example, to use dismissable cups in parties, offices or same in house.


Itabira West

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The contained volume of water in accordance with varies the size of the fiction and the hydraulical condutividade if of the one by means of the interconnection of these imperfections. Generally it is aqufero that possesss a thick mantle of alteration and water of excellent quality (potable). It is constituted by igneous and metamrficas rocks that arise in the ferrfero Quadrilateral. It is verified, in small ratio, the presence of crsticos aquferos in dolomitos, however little developed, had low the dissolution of the dolomticas rocks. The mixing aqufero is, predominantly constituted of metamrficas rocks, whose action of the intemperismo provided a secondary intergranular porosity to the fissurais spaces. It can be verified in the Formations Cau and Cercadinho to the west of the city (IBRAM, 2003).

From PICTURE 1, the characteristics of the systems of aquferos are synthetically verified to granulate, fissurados and mixing, and the occurrence region. For these data, one sees that most of the city presents low potential for underground water use, as it can be observed of (FIG. 4). Picture 1? Characterization of the aquferos systems of Itabirito.Sistema geologic aquferoUnidadeUnidade associadRegio and percentage of occurrence in the municpioPotencial hidrogeolgicoQualidade of the aluvial guasGranularSedimentos and coluviaisDepsitos aluvionares and of terraces, sand, silte, clay and gravel. Coluviais detrticas coverings. About 3% of occurrence in regions esparsas the west, next the Mountain range to the Currency. AltoBoFissuradoRochas metapelticas, xistosas, quartzticas, igneous and metamrficas of high degree. Aquferos crsticos.

Supergroup Mines (Group Caraa, Piracicaba, Itabira. Supergroup River of the Old ones (New Group Rasp, Schemes). Complex Bao (gnaisses),31% granite-gnaissico – region of the Bao Complex. 36% shale – adjacent region to the Bao, limited the west for the Mountain range of the Currency. 12% quartzitos – the northeast is placed predominantly. 5% crstico in dolomitos. – region of the Mountain range of the Moeda.BaixoBoMistoRochas itabirticas and quartzticas. Itabiritos of the Group Itabira – Fm Cau and Piracicaba – Fm Cercadinho,12% itabiritos and quartzitos – portion west.


Industrial Revolution

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This new time, that some scientists call of antropoceno face to the radical interferences of the human being in natural resources, were initiated with the Industrial Revolution, the use of machines the vapor and discharged in the oil as main world-wide energy propellant. History is constructed by a series of events and not for forces or ideas of previsible trajectory. Galileu in 1609 made scientific use of the telescope to point the heliocentrismo in against point to the geocentrismo. This event changed the routes of the planet. Which will be the actors who will identify the events of this special moment and will go to lead the process of great innovations and solutions of a new time? Which will be the unloaded ones that they will be to the edge of this process? The construction of a sustainable society, between many other events, demand the creation in global scale of one ' ' Verde&#039 code; ' , to implant a new technological, social and ambient revolution. All the rules of this code must be come back to fight the biggest world-wide collective crisis, the global heating provoked by climatic changes. Demand adoption of new mannering positions, with changes in the current standards of consumerism and production. This process requires much cultural time and changes in all the social chains, lastreadas in questions of ethics and social justice, mainly in the re-education of the devorador consumerism of natural resources of the capitalist system.

To each period of 15 years, 1 billion of sedentas people of consumption and new features enter the planet. The concerns with the future are not only centered in the population increment and the possible scarcity of natural resources to supply all the species that cause concerns, but also the climatic changes and the enormous happened social conflicts of the structural disequilibria that such changes cause. Challenges and chances In last the one hundred years the human being in such a way emporcalhou the environment that global the average temperatures had gone up about 1.