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Maria Jose

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It has still gruposonde exist action correct, as for example, the selective collection of the garbage, masseguem the consumistas attitudes that have as deresduos consequence an increasing volume. In this context the school, acting in the ambient education has umimportante paper. As Maria Jose de Arajo Rasp in its EcologiHumana book: The education is, thus, being called to play papeisparadoxais. At the moment where it looks for to adjust to the individual the society, it must instrument-lopara also criticaresta same society. (…) the ambient education demands a critical position and umcorpo of knowledge produced from a reflection on the realidadevivenciada one. Being a proposal essentially communitarian, it materializes-seatravs of one practical one whose bigger objective is the promotion of comportamentoadequado to the ambient protection. It holds a desalienante conception, porquantopressupe actions directed toward the sprouting of new values, where aparticipao is one begins basic. Thus, integral and directed actions are educational instruments that can serutilizados in the process of ambient education, and the dialogues between the diversossegmentos of the society can provide to the pupils differentiated vises sobreos subjects, as well as aimings for an performance accomplish.

The accomplishment of activities that englobem the conhecimentocientfico and the debate of realities is a differential. These activities to podemser carried through, for example, monthly and to approach the subject chosen for meiode followed lectures of debates between the segments. It is basic to give vozao to be able public, the civil society (that it can be represented porcooperativas, ONGs, etc), and to the pupils. The pupil will be able to exercise the saberacadmico in real situations, and will have the chance to live deeply the solution deproblemas, the opening of chances, as well as the impediments that are not rarosno that it says respect the ambient attitudes. The objective biggest will be to inquietar to parapromover the action, will have the possibility to develop the capacity important criativato in the life in community. We will be promoting ' ' fazer' ' , essential so that our young can live in a realmentesustentvel environment. RefernciBibliogrfica Guimares, Mauro. Ambient Adimenso in the education. Campinas, SP: Papirus, 1995.


The Measure

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Who is free and responsible thus, it will excite freedom in others. Therefore, the true freedom generates freedom. To be free implies in freeing others. Nobody is free for itself, but in solidarity and allotment. To pledge the freedom is condition of the proper release and others people; she is not to lose the liberdade, but to become it of the size of the new world that we help to construct. she does not have hereditary freedom. Therefore, when being born, we are only potentially free, project of freedom and personal accomplishment, collaborating in the construction of history.

My freedom and of each person is conquest, permanent release, not gift. We are born potentially free and we act our freedom to the measure we pledge that it in the service of ours and of the release of other people, personal and social prisoners of as many chains and slaveries. However, to speak of the freedom is easy and poetical. But, to live it is assaz problematic. Independently of the color politics, of the religious creed, of the partner-economic condition, social classroom, all we agree, in thesis, that the freedom is our greater well. But, the things if complicate when we pass of the sonhador romantismo to the practical one of the real freedom.

Therefore, if we accept of good grado the bond of the right to the freedom, in the practical one it is extremely difficult to accept with naturalness the responsibility of the duties of respect, gratitude, solidarity with the other freedoms. The trend is to defend the individual rights and to send to other obligations that compete in them: we use our freedom as if we lived alone in the world and we did not have nothing to nobody to be free. It is in the game of the right and duty where if of the o drama of the freedom, where we live, to one alone time, its blessing and its curse.


Itabira West

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The contained volume of water in accordance with varies the size of the fiction and the hydraulical condutividade if of the one by means of the interconnection of these imperfections. Generally it is aqufero that possesss a thick mantle of alteration and water of excellent quality (potable). It is constituted by igneous and metamrficas rocks that arise in the ferrfero Quadrilateral. It is verified, in small ratio, the presence of crsticos aquferos in dolomitos, however little developed, had low the dissolution of the dolomticas rocks. The mixing aqufero is, predominantly constituted of metamrficas rocks, whose action of the intemperismo provided a secondary intergranular porosity to the fissurais spaces. It can be verified in the Formations Cau and Cercadinho to the west of the city (IBRAM, 2003).

From PICTURE 1, the characteristics of the systems of aquferos are synthetically verified to granulate, fissurados and mixing, and the occurrence region. For these data, one sees that most of the city presents low potential for underground water use, as it can be observed of (FIG. 4). Picture 1? Characterization of the aquferos systems of Itabirito.Sistema geologic aquferoUnidadeUnidade associadRegio and percentage of occurrence in the municpioPotencial hidrogeolgicoQualidade of the aluvial guasGranularSedimentos and coluviaisDepsitos aluvionares and of terraces, sand, silte, clay and gravel. Coluviais detrticas coverings. About 3% of occurrence in regions esparsas the west, next the Mountain range to the Currency. AltoBoFissuradoRochas metapelticas, xistosas, quartzticas, igneous and metamrficas of high degree. Aquferos crsticos.

Supergroup Mines (Group Caraa, Piracicaba, Itabira. Supergroup River of the Old ones (New Group Rasp, Schemes). Complex Bao (gnaisses),31% granite-gnaissico – region of the Bao Complex. 36% shale – adjacent region to the Bao, limited the west for the Mountain range of the Currency. 12% quartzitos – the northeast is placed predominantly. 5% crstico in dolomitos. – region of the Mountain range of the Moeda.BaixoBoMistoRochas itabirticas and quartzticas. Itabiritos of the Group Itabira – Fm Cau and Piracicaba – Fm Cercadinho,12% itabiritos and quartzitos – portion west.


Industrial Revolution

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This new time, that some scientists call of antropoceno face to the radical interferences of the human being in natural resources, were initiated with the Industrial Revolution, the use of machines the vapor and discharged in the oil as main world-wide energy propellant. History is constructed by a series of events and not for forces or ideas of previsible trajectory. Galileu in 1609 made scientific use of the telescope to point the heliocentrismo in against point to the geocentrismo. This event changed the routes of the planet. Which will be the actors who will identify the events of this special moment and will go to lead the process of great innovations and solutions of a new time? Which will be the unloaded ones that they will be to the edge of this process? The construction of a sustainable society, between many other events, demand the creation in global scale of one ' ' Verde&#039 code; ' , to implant a new technological, social and ambient revolution. All the rules of this code must be come back to fight the biggest world-wide collective crisis, the global heating provoked by climatic changes. Demand adoption of new mannering positions, with changes in the current standards of consumerism and production. This process requires much cultural time and changes in all the social chains, lastreadas in questions of ethics and social justice, mainly in the re-education of the devorador consumerism of natural resources of the capitalist system.

To each period of 15 years, 1 billion of sedentas people of consumption and new features enter the planet. The concerns with the future are not only centered in the population increment and the possible scarcity of natural resources to supply all the species that cause concerns, but also the climatic changes and the enormous happened social conflicts of the structural disequilibria that such changes cause. Challenges and chances In last the one hundred years the human being in such a way emporcalhou the environment that global the average temperatures had gone up about 1.