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The world of fairy tales, perhaps, the kindest of all existing worlds. The magic of transformation, the power of speech in animals, princes, princesses, kings and queens, but the most important triumph of good over evil charms, claiming the world of all kinds opportunities and makes us believe in miracles. That's why kids go to fairy tales and very fond of them. And because of this unconditional love of children to fairy tales, the latter are not only literary works but also one of the methods of education and training. Tales of stimulating development of imagination and thought.

Magical world of fairy tales taught to dream. A dream – it is known to be the first step in achieving any goal. Cleverly chosen fairy tale, can unobtrusive way to introduce children to new concepts, broaden his horizons and vocabulary. Fairy tales can help in shaping a child's basic everyday concepts of good and evil, compassion and honesty about the deception and betrayal and so on. But, unfortunately, poorly-written story and can hurt, forcing the child misconceptions about the world.

Therefore, the choice of fairy tales for their child to be approached very seriously and carefully. Before you buy the next book to own at least skim stories, home is best read tales themselves. But the best option tales are stories invented for the kid's parents, his loving mother. After all, mother knows that and why you need to develop in a child with what must be fought, and what to ignore. Here you will find my mother's stories, written for two little girls, their mother. And, if you can not write or you do not have time for this Mother's tales site: – will be your lifesaver! There is a story developing, comforting, informative, instructive and even soporific.


The Best

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But through those traffic jams, he goes home, a well-deserved rest. Do not let him navorchat to everyone and everything – it's awful! Let the best smile and be pleased with their trips. Mode capes he chooses, an option may be a special massage that stimulates blood circulation. And now, sitting in the winter is cold the car owner does not auto freeze and it will not have a sense of discomfort. A few more words on the air in the car. Do you think fragrance is for men, women and children? No, and for cars too. Special bottle of essential oils will trip more pleasant, and maybe even give romance. Bubble missing an average of two to three months.

Well, nothing, not far off because the next day! Motorists have their own language on the roads. Sound and light signals – that's how they understand each other. Want to expand their communication? Give an indicator of emotion. A small screen with smiley is attached to the rear window of car with suction cups, and a remote control that can change the smile on an angry muzzles may be ahead of the driver. Is not the Internet, with its smiley face? 🙂 For a machine can give a lot of useful detail. For example, travelers and travel kits, inflatable pillow under your neck so you can was a break and take a nap, stands for phones and PDAs, mug, kettle … Of course, everything we know about what the Ministry of Health warns.

But if a man, who choose a gift, smoking, deliver him pleasure, giving flavored cigars or pipe tobacco. It's wise to learn what he may have allergies. And before you buy anything, ask the composition of tobacco. Now imagine how this would look respectable "man with tube "! But even if they already have something like that, add a beautiful collection of lighter, ashtray interesting, or original cases for cigars. Also, you can buy a guillotine or scissors for cigars. Returning to subject of clothes, I want to say that is worn at home. For example, why not donate a warm bath robe? A man will be in it comfortably. And maybe, lounging in a chair after a bath, he would feel the rightful owner home, and, of course, be grateful for the comfort you gave him. Another gift for the home can be painted your shirt. It's simple: think of in advance that you want to write or draw, try forces on the wrong piece of fabric, and more! You will need: a t-shirt (can be longer, but start with one), a set of acrylic paints for textiles, brushes, hoop or frame, which can stretch the fabric. Brushes better buy a flat bristle brush – they are easier to draw, and if your picture is the small details are easier to paint the outline of tissue to dye does not spread, do not dilute them with water, but you can achieve the effect of watercolor it with water or a special solvent. Be careful: acrylic paint almost satisfied with this content, even the "best" advertised funds. At 24 hours after the end of painting, drawing need to iron with the back of the iron without steam. Then – voila! – You can easily wash and wear this unique thing. Gifts, hand made, always very pleasant to those who receive them. Remember this the next "man holiday. " He's soon, right?