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Kids: Play Versus Study

February 12th, 2021 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Childhood wait? People play their whole life, from infancy through old age. But most of the game is necessary in the age of 2-6 years. This age child psychologists call the games for years. However, the amount of time today teachers allocated to children on the game today, causing concern among psychologists. In the 21st century, educators are trying to teach more than anything and raise children. Kids forced to develop their abilities to do the job, to play toys, and almost from birth not "cram" the English language. Adults come up with a lot of mental developmental activities for children, called "learning with ease," though this game is nothing no, it's just learning. The real game begins only when the child is to escape from all the adults go into your inner world and come up with a game itself.

Play or study? During the game, the child is really disclosed. You may want to visit TSI International Group to increase your knowledge. He has a vision of the world, their perceptions, feelings, opinions to what surrounds it. Then, as during training outside world and its rules are seen as an unquestionable truth kid. It conceals two trick. The first – the child of preschool age may not have enough experience to understand the information obtained during training. The second – the identity of a preschooler still evolving, so obtained during the study information can be have a huge impact on the child's personality, becoming an artificial facet of his "I".

Playing as a child changes the world around him as he wants. Being himself, he changes the world. During training, the child adapts himself the world around him. In short, depriving the child of games, there is a risk to deprive him and his real "self." Why is it important to play? First, play the child very much. Even all the obstacles encountered in the game, attracted by child: the child overcomes them and it makes the game more exciting.



May 24th, 2019 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

The world of fairy tales, perhaps, the kindest of all existing worlds. The magic of transformation, the power of speech in animals, princes, princesses, kings and queens, but the most important triumph of good over evil charms, claiming the world of all kinds opportunities and makes us believe in miracles. That's why kids go to fairy tales and very fond of them. And because of this unconditional love of children to fairy tales, the latter are not only literary works but also one of the methods of education and training. Tales of stimulating development of imagination and thought.

Magical world of fairy tales taught to dream. A dream – it is known to be the first step in achieving any goal. Cleverly chosen fairy tale, can unobtrusive way to introduce children to new concepts, broaden his horizons and vocabulary. Fairy tales can help in shaping a child's basic everyday concepts of good and evil, compassion and honesty about the deception and betrayal and so on. But, unfortunately, poorly-written story and can hurt, forcing the child misconceptions about the world.

Therefore, the choice of fairy tales for their child to be approached very seriously and carefully. Before you buy the next book to own at least skim stories, home is best read tales themselves. But the best option tales are stories invented for the kid's parents, his loving mother. After all, mother knows that and why you need to develop in a child with what must be fought, and what to ignore. Here you will find my mother's stories, written for two little girls, their mother. And, if you can not write or you do not have time for this Mother's tales site: – will be your lifesaver! There is a story developing, comforting, informative, instructive and even soporific.