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Letters Spanish

February 7th, 2020 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Spanish letters II Spanish letters there is much to talk about. In a first article I mentioned how amazing this language, which I assure you is combined with channeling messages from different planes. Even today I not out of my surprise, because I have met people that hadn’t seen more than two decades ago and that by chance threw them cards, who reminded me some decrees that in certain spins left and that the facts emerged days later. Click actress and filmmaker to learn more. No doubt there are relationship and communication, with what we call the more beyond. It is a non-visible plane to our human eyes. The man still unknown all you have at your fingertips; Although in recent times have come a long way in physical and electronic development, as in the case of internet communications, sophisticated phones, among others. The cards have their symbols and also respond in the form of: Yes or no.

Arriving in the United States, I remained many questions regarding the outputs of my relatives and the possible meeting with me. Because I still keep many blog and books of questions I asked the Angels through Spanish letters, they noted the answers of Yes or not and over time by reviewing these questions, many have occurred or have been expressed really as such. Not all people have the ability to communicate, some profit with this means of communication and embusten to thousands of people. However, is given the case that through the letters can be located persons and missing items, can be alerts to prevent hazards or threats of disasters, if used in welfare and the good function. The forces of good and of light exist and manifest themselves; your help is in many ways. One of them are premonitions. Vehicles such as letters, the tarot, are for me an irrefutable fact of communication much more when the individual establishes a relationship with them on a daily basis.



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Today I am going to write about the poor. The poor? uh! Another progre another izquierdoso who wants to soften us heart with some story about how bad that are up and the Saints that are down.Far far away from this modest columnist gentlemen.Today I would like to make them mention of another kind of needy, the Economist.It has not much changed our world from the vile garrote times to our days. The Economist, although much afane (of desire), not to be confused, in this case say afane isn’t very convenient, because it can cause some association with robbery, theft or embezzlement and I said it with the mind set on effort, desire, ambition, diligently. Well, as saying although much ambicionen of finance professionals in making us believe that theirs is a science and draw out his erudition in amounts with astronomical amounts followed by zeros, nobody believes them. Poor, are a few outcasts.It is hard, but well, has its compensations you will say. In the solitude of their cold nights of removal should they not Miss a little bit of heat that will provide the crumbs that fall from the enormisimas sums of money they manage.Poor, nobody believes them, of the common people, indoctas them, they are suspicious, they are already wary of both new term, as much explanation of why nothing went as it should.The Word key today, carry-trades, is a new term, which makes a vulgar choreo sound to something sophisticated, at least for the underserved ignaros of credit in the word of these wise characters, for more inclitos to them we present.Our grandmothers, they knew that economy, that was domain, this was wisdom in its purest form, they had no studies but nor lack.They had the insight that gave them the love of their families, the intuition, the eye, and just enough to handle household accounts.Do not need anything else, gentlemen financiers, love for the family. Now of course, many will think, that needless them to these, if everything do them to well see their dear, poor ones. Original author and source of the article.


Sites More Popular

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If you’re curious to know which pages are and most visited websites on the internet by people who speak our language I invite you to a short trip. The data are taken from Alexa company that is dedicated to monitoring traffic on the network and allows access to all the compiled statistics. There is a big difference between the most visited sites and more absolute popularity worldwide, i.e. the statistics of sites without filtering by language and those that appear in the list of our Spanish language and even within the same category according to different countries, for example: Twitter twitter.com, social site with services of microblogging and messaging listed in the top world number 12the list of most visited sites in Spain gets the 8 position but in the list of 100 sites in Spanish not found. Taringa in Top 100 in Spanish does not appear but in Spain takes place 15.

On the other hand Apple website, 28 worldwide is not in the Top 100 in Spanish and the famous Badoo number 6 in Latin America in the top world occupies 99. Differences due to the specific characteristics of each region and country. Here is the list of the first 20 places in the Spanish language, of course social networking with Facebook to front monopolize the main places. This list was deleted the places occupied by the web search engines, omitted any reference to Google, the search engine Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc., everyone knows that Google occupies all the first places in any statistic, but if is not a destination or site specific, is only a tool available on the net. 1 Facebook facebook.com Facebook is a website that offers free access to the world’s largest social network. Facilitates contact with acquaintances, users establish new friendships, share, upload and share photos, videos, links, etc 2 – Myspace myspace.com social interaction web site includes networks of friends, groups, blogs, photos, videos and music, as well as an internal network.