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Kinderparties Panels

June 11th, 2019 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Kids love panels. So far nothing new. For some years a clearly discernible trend to costume parties for children apparent however. More and more children’s birthday, Club parties, or Klassenparties held costumes. “Panels are no longer only in the Carnival,” says Hartmut Menden, Managing Director of the Cologne decoration specialist business DEKOlife.

“Mothers who plan a children’s Party and this search for the right costumes come to us more and more often. Panels are the stampede at the little”Menden next. But not all costumes are equally popular. The three top-selling costumes include: Tip 1: Corsair suitable to the current movie “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” are pirate costumes at the kids up in the course. Straight guys love than to roam the seven seas or the living room privateer. This lot don’t include, to transform itself into a dangerous pirate: eyepatch, hand hooks, Sabre and striped shirt is half the battle. Tip 2: Indians Indian costumes are simply immortal.

What was great fun already parents in childhood, is also in times of PlayStation and Facebook still said: the classic cowboy and Indians game. Indian costumes are popular with boys and girls alike. A beautiful black wig, feather headdress, trousers and vest, are already upon the little Indians. Accessories such as peace pipes, Tomahawks and jewelry complete the costume. Tip 3: fairy tale also fairytale costumes never fail to their effect. A children’s Party with the slogan “Seven dwarfs” or “Princesses party” missed their effect not with security. The selection of themes and panels is as big as your own imagination. Fairy wings, wands, Knight’s armor, or pointed caps create instant fairytale feeling and will remain long in the memory the little ones. “The special feature of Verkleidungsparties is, if children can later take her disguise home” recommends Menden. “The party does not remain so long only in the” Memory, but can be continued at any time. Some parents have told, that the small party guests even weeks after the celebration of the costumes equipped meeting and continue the adventure. An once purchased costume becomes the permanent top seller amongst the kids.”


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