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About ago makers and subsequent makers after any type of feelings is so contagious, we should think hard about, from whom we get infected us. This applies to the private sector as well as the work environment. Dropbox: the source for more info. Spiegelneurone explain well the formation of group constraints within a corporate culture in which soon all – such as cloned – in a more or less similar way Act. Before making the least among us are namely, most are for makers. So the mood of the leaders is reflected immediately on the performance of employees. And the role of the upper now appears in a whole new light.

Their doing significantly rubs off on everyone in the company. It takes no 14 days”, the good old Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, once said, then the employees treat their customers as they were treated by her boss.” And also for sale: interpersonal relations draw very much what we are for good or bad. Things seems only desirable to us because other it have or want. This move increasingly such customers in focus, which act as a reference and opinion makers. Their judgment influenced the consumption of whole groups. For many first hear what influencer’ and opinion leaders ‘ have to say. A hint that is very useful especially in the referral marketing.

Literature on the subject of 1 Anne M. Schuller successfully negotiate successfully BusinessVillage sell 224 pages 24.

A fifth of the population in Germany has a foreign background. This alone the Turkish Germans and Turks comprise over four million people. A customer potential which has to use it! So the people of Turkish origin living in Germany are not only particularly consumer happy and emphasis on brand-name products and status symbols. You earn very well and spend more than 90 percent of their income in Germany. We tell you here what you must keep in mind if you want to target this audience.

Put more than 70 percent of all Turkish people in Germany, on Turkish media use Turkish media. Of which only 40 percent look only Turkish TV channel ATV, show TV, channel D, TGRT and 53 percent turn predominantly Turkish channels. Only seven percent use only German television. Well, you can reach this group about this media. Read more here: Tumblr. There are at least five large in Germany in addition to Turkish TV channels and radio stations Turkish-language newspapers, also magazines and on the Internet, the Turkish migrants on Turkish-speaking portals such as are on their way. Find the right language speaking you Filiz audiences always in Turkish on, not German. Because: Young Turks, who grew up here and perfect German speaking, can be happy in Turkish, because they feel marginalized in their Turkish range, at which they stand firm, or even to their families. You want to play any special role within the Turkish group and their families.

Not by age from differentiate therefore it is wrong to target this audience by age. Turks want only the best for their family members, and it may also cost money. The usual direct marketing clusters, segmentation and differentiation is here completely wrong! Not simply translate advertising attention but! To bring in the right media is still long, not even at the Turkish people to arrive. So it not sufficient to translate just German advertising, as can the cultural peculiarities of languages but quite different, words have for example a double meaning in Turkish. Also keep in mind that colors, backgrounds, or accents in the advertising differently affect the ethnic Turkish audience as on German. The acceptance of testimonials is different: so prefers this group less well known personalities as people from the street. The cultural background account make sure to hurt the religious, moral, and aesthetic feelings of not your target audience. Do not use, for example, naked the depiction of naked body parts and respect clear you the religious festivals of Muslims. Christmas greetings are taboo! Customize the entire marketing limited you in addressing the Turkish people on the advertising alone. Fit your products, distribution channels, your CRM system and the after-sales service to meet the needs of this target group. Occupy your hotline, for example, with native speakers or can write manuals or brochures in Turkish. Source: Vera Hermes in the direct MARKETING