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In this article, there are 8 tips with the iPhone battery longer without outlet to get out! Who owns an iPhone knows how extremely quickly to changed their own consumer behaviour. Whether on the bus, in the dentist’s waiting room, or at work: with the iPhone you can be from anywhere on the Internet. But the frequent use of smartphones is also strong on the battery. In this article I want to give you so 10 tips, which can extend the battery life and promises a prolonged use. 1 W-LAN, Bluetooth, and GPS turn off who do not need these functions, which should always take them out.

Especially with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, searches for devices iPhone constantly in the background and runs the battery down tremendously. WiFi: Settings-> WiFi-> disable Bluetooth: Settings-> General-> Bluetooh-> turn off GPS: settings general->-> location services disable 2. brightness decrease a fairly simple setting, but also extremely effective. Especially in the evening and in the morning you can the brightness rotate quiet down a bit, because you No bright screen often needs. Settings brightness-> 3. Turning off the equalizer who often listens to music, which should consider whether he would like to turn off not the equalizer.

Because this small but effective setting love to pull down the battery! Settings listen-> iPod-> Equalizer-> off 4 music in flight mode who just want to relax and can be sometimes unattainable, which should use airplane mode. No phone calls, push it annoying notifications or SMS and you can maybe just switch off with music! Settings-> flight mode enable screen lock after 5 1 minute automatic lock is pretty helpful if one forgets time turn off the iPhone. This can happen, and then it is suddenly without a charged cell phone. The best should be auto-lock to 1 minute. -> Auto-lock-> 1 minute 6 UMTS on edge adjustment to depending on use might even edge is sufficient. The should switch off too anyone who wants to get his mail, for example, only and uses no high-speed Internet, 3 G. This setting saves not only battery, but also unnecessary traffic! -> General settings disable-> network-> 3 G 7 email and push query clear who can dispense with push, which should also do this. Push sent incredible many queries and pulls down the battery pretty quickly. Also disable the automatic E-Mail query, brings a noticeable effect! Push: Setting-> general-> notifications from email: settings-> E-mail-> matching-> push to turn off 8 external chargers for a longer living without plug recommended for iPhone owners are external batteries. So something has saved already often the ass because I had just no power outlet nearby. I use the iPhone Ersatzakku von Just mobile gum plus for my 3GS. I can also recommend the iPhone 4 battery by Mophie Pack air because he is not only a charger, but also the Smartphone because of the hard shell protects! These were my tips for a longer fun with iPhone. If you still tips you, then let hear me! Have fun with your iPhone!

IP telephone systems are increasingly targeted by attackers. Munich, April 12, 2011, except to hurt the company with denial-of-service attacks, spy secrets with man-in-the-middle attacks or to inflict financial damage due to abuse attacks. Attacks are especially popular on weekends, since they are aware of late. So that Easter does not become a nasty surprise, the Fraunhofer ESK experts have put together a white paper with safety tips. Administrators with these security measures protect their IP PBX from abuse, which can easily cost thousands of dollars. Fairly simple wealth for immediate measures to protect telephone equipment. In principle, the same security standards as for the remaining infrastructure apply for IP telephone systems.

We have noticed that many break-in cases caused by errors in the administration of IP telephone systems,”explained Beate Eickhoff, researcher at the Fraunhofer ESK. IP telephone systems are in contrast to traditional Equipment no longer isolated by the infrastructure and therefore exposed to the same hazards. In the white paper, the experts deal with the most common errors in the configuration of the PBX. The abuse cases have risen lately, where the attacker broke in on holidays in plants. A cluster of holidays, we have again at Easter, is particularly interesting for attackers. The abuse is usually only discovered with the next billing. Until then, the attackers have long left the systems and their tracks are well blurred. Because most log files overwritten in a cycle of approximately 10 days, which also forensic investigations are extremely difficult.

An example of abuse attacks is the cash by burglary in connection with expensive service numbers from abroad. First, the invaders set up a temporary paid service phone number abroad. Then, many calls to this number are initiated by the attacked phone system. The attacker collect the money mostly in countries, where a Law enforcement in Germany is difficult. The company remains sitting on the cost. The Fraunhofer ESK has shown common error in the configurations in their white paper and simple, immediately actionable measures together. The white paper below de/publikationen/studien/phonebreaking.html to download ready. = The Fraunhofer research institution for communication systems ESK the Fraunhofer ESK has expertise for wide areas of ICT, by transmission through protocols and systems up to intelligent applications. Adaptive communication systems in their fields of expertise, software methodology and mobile solutions combine the know-how in the application fields automotive, industrial communication and communication solutions is used. contact: Fraunhofer Institute for communication systems Susanne Baumer Corporate Communication phone: + 49 89 547088-353 fax: + 49 89 547088-66353 Dipl.-ing. Beate Eickhoff phone: + 49 89 547088-320