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November 30th, 2016 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Introduction: Traffic – it’s visitors to sites that can be targeted (for example, came to the site from search engines) and is not targeted (which on any site ‘forced’ to click on ads / banners Visitors to the active promotion Systems (ATS), just ‘left’ visitors …) of course is more valuable target traffic, because it can be competently and efficiently directed to various affiliate programs. Affiliate – is a partnership program that allows you to convert your traffic into a lot of money. It is time to remember a simple truth that traffic – is money! Many still can not enter that adult traf (traffic free and erotic themes) can be envelope is not 10-15 $ per 1k, and much more. The thing is affiliate and approach to business … I have this affiliate at govnotrafe (uninterested visitors, random …) comes with 1000 hosts 24 $ is stable. Searching for around $ 80 a piece Unikom that is good! If you do not have yet its traffic, it does not matter! Register in affiliate program affiliate in