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Find Jobs In Hamburg

January 31st, 2021 / Tags: , , / categories: Uncategorized /

More jobs in Hamburg as 2007 – job openings in the Internet which is the number of the unemployed in Hamburg in July increased slightly to, compared to the previous year but dropped. Compared to June grew the number of people without a job in the Hanseatic City by three percent, reported the newspaper the world”in its Internet Edition. The increase of jobless distributed it in comparison to the previous year on all groups in the labour market. 2,107 people compared with June to June were without job, in Hamburg last month, Karl-Heinz Kleemann, Deputy Chief of the Agency, said. The unemployment rate was 8.1 percent in July, 0.2 percentage points more than in the previous month, but 0.9 percentage points below the level of July of last year.

We have expected to increase”, said KLEEMANN. For this, there are two reasons: a company would not necessarily increase their capacity during the summer holidays. On the other hand, the number of unemployed registered growing because many young people in the summer showed off their training and were not taken over. Hamburg reported it himself in the may 569 under 25 years unemployed. In July it was 1.443 “, KLEEMANN said. In total were 73.200 people in Hamburg without a job in July.

They were at least 7.400 less than in July 2007 16,500 of unemployed were over 50 years old; 1,500 and 8.1 percent were less than a year ago. Among young adults aged under 25 6,400 were registered as unemployed, 1000 less than in July 2007, which corresponds to a decline of 13.2 percent. The unemployed compared to the previous year declined among women: 9.9 percent of 36.900 33,300 reported unemployed women, the rate has declined. The number of employees subject to social insurance rose in the Hanseatic city as compared to the previous month to 3.3 percent to 797.300 jobs. Thus Hamburg was again at the top of all the provinces so KLEEMANN. Berlin recorded a 2.8 percent increase, Bremen and Lower Saxony reached a job-plus by 2.4 percent. Nationwide the growth was 2.2 percent of new jobs.