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To establish limit for the working hours and if to keep fidiciary office they; 5. Before initiating longer services, that they demand that if he works until later. if they will not be initiated early, is asked if this task could not be concluded in the following day, during expedient, of more efficient form 6. To recognize its strong and weak potentials, limitations, points, therefore perfeies do not exist; 7. To be likeable with the people; 8.

To learn and if to perfect in the activities, therefore the dumb world quickly and what it is good today, tomorrow already cannot be more; 9. To place in practical what it learned. You are welcome it advances to make courses and to go in events if this does not bring to it resulted practical; 10. Positive thought, always. Who is pessimistic never will obtain to grow as human being for the fact to react negative to any new thing; 11. To learn to say ' ' no' ' not to exceed the limits; 12. Gets used to win it the crises and to surpass them; 13.

To carry through each task as if was the last thing if to make in the life: ' ' It puts all your soul, all your being and all your life in the act that you are praticando' ' (Zen principle). As much the companies how much the employees need to make its part so that the quality of life is present in the work environment. Not motivated employee produces badly brings resulted unsatisfactory for the organization and its personal life. To invest in the employees, is what the majority of the companies needs to make, because the people are essential parts for the functioning of an organization, and when well they are valued, motivated and satisfied with the work, them tends to produce more and to bring good resulted, as much for the company (profit) how much personal (professional accomplishment).


CANDLE Documents

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And so on. In other words, the main purpose of an archive is to serve the administration of an institution, any that is its nature. When the administrative activity if extinguishes (for closing of the company or another reason any), the archives starts to play a new role: they become useful for the culture and history. This new paper is decurrent of the first one, that is, the acts day to day, pparently banal, preserved in one determined archive for criteria defined at filling moment will be of great value for recovery of the information. 5,1 PROFILE OF THE ARCHIVE PROFESSIONALS? With the increase of the demand and the competitiveness, each time more the companies and institutions, are requesting professional enabled and efficient, to occupy the most diverse positions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dropbox. A profile of the professionals is an important factor, therefore we know that nor all the professionals can exert the same functions. Each one has an aptitude, functions and attributions where the professional has much knowledge, becoming a specialist. In the sector of protocol and general archive (library) of the Prodepa, as well as of any company, they are necessary some characteristics so that the professional obtains to exert this activity.

For this sector to receive all the types of documents referring the company, ' ' the archivist will have to be loyal the function for which she works, since he is the guard of confidential documents of mesma' '. (GORBEA; GARCIA-DIAZ; CANDLE, 1974, p.19). The organization also is a point to be considered of great importance in the archive, therefore to deal with some documents, all of different subjects is not task easy. The manuscript of these documents, the guard control, following the correct, chronological order, is task that needs much attention and organization. Martins (1998, P. 9), as follows defined some indispensable requirements to the professional of the archive: ) To be along with all the activities and interests of the institution and its area of performance; b) To know the main rules to classify documents; c) To know abbreviations important; d) To possess ability to read and to detach the functions (action) main of documents; e) To be loyal and discrete; f) To be methodical; g) To possess good memory.