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And a product that should shine as bald professor, not a red metal flake corrosive dust. MDA-C-C. Situation – Vic, Victoria But hey, listen Yes, yes, I'm sorry, you have not brought, to recover I'm not talking about that, that is, not really about that You want us to not only today you have brought a pure metal, but to no more than a was not it? – Naturally! – Vika's outrage has not yet passed, but it suddenly added a suspicion – So what? – You know, we're done well, the unit saw, in general He has just started, but none the less. He is a pure metal: pipes, strip, a square. Rust, plaque, a protective coating available – remember, we brought you a pipe, such as Blackened, oil? You have then complained that the pipes are excellent, and the painting just to give impossible – to remove coating is necessary.

– No, wait, wait, how to clean – Vika discontent slowly disappears, but still perceive the information is completely prevented. – There are brushes, as , you know, they rotate – I tried to speak slowly, calmly, realizing that the situation back under control. – The pipe passes between them, cleaned first with 2 sides, then invert it, and again passed through the machine. Can be set to any metal, almost – well, from that you are using: square, strip, round pipes of various diameters. The result is fantastic, see for yourself – the goods as soon as the plant, now laminated. – It's free? – Vick immediately grasp, and as a girl strong, responsible and proceeded straight to the point. – Not at all – I smiled – If you buy the metal at us, a substantial discount.

Ie if someone else will bring the metal – too clean, no question, but more expensive. – How much? – For you – cheap. More precisely say when I know what you want to clean. – I quickly finished the sentence, and paused, feeling that without precise numbers will look bad. – Actually, from what you brought me, some just need to "clean up". Including escort. It is not clear why you now I was told about this service, but not before delivery – Vika it out on me next, but more of a hazard or a sense of justice: the type nakosyachil-received. – Okay, let's go, discuss

According to studies, to date compressor consumes more than 15% of electricity in industrial applications. Of course, with such a high energy consumption and its high cost of any options that would allow more economical use of compressed air equipment – are considered. Today it is receding into the past supply of compressed air centrally, there is a transition and move to a more sophisticated and economical model – that is decentralized procurement. Popularity start to use portable compressors. This eliminates the need for specialized compressor room, which became more attribute of the past. In the future, the whole system is very compact, that is, in fact, to fit into a small space. This will reduce electricity consumption, which is spent on servicing this type equipment, up to 30%.

Not so little, especially when it comes to saving money. Decentralized and more economical way to provide immediate installation of individual air compressors each consumer. Used screw compressor, which allows the manufacturing process is carried 24 hours a day. They can operate without repair for a long time, and in many respects superior compressors piston. Screw compressors are absolutely not require specially trained personnel who would be constantly watching them, maintain them. Also, the screw compressor does not require the preparation of the foundation, you just have to Work on a small surface area, rather smooth and strong, so strong that it could support its weight. Unlike several other analogues do not need special cooling water, as the screw block has an air cooled version, which is very convenient. Minimal sound effects, which has a screw compressor, is also important in some cases, the same – with the vibration. Not for nothing screw compressors recognized by the equipment of the future.