Tegucigalpa Honduras

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What they have left to prove to the young people in this world of routine and ruin? Cocaine? Beer? Brave bars? have left to breathe/to be on they the awares to discover the roots of the horror to invent peace thus is a ponchazos to be understood with the nature and rain and lightning and the feeling and the death that crazy person to tie and to untie. ” To the spirit young people, it says to us: ” You do not remain immovable on the brink of madness the way you do not congeal the joy you do not want with lack of appetite you are never saved now nor you are not saved you do not fill of calm. You do not reserve of the world only a calm corner you do not drop the heavy eyelids like judgments. You do not remain without lips you do not fall asleep without dream you do not think without blood you do not judge yourself without time but whatsoever you cannot avoid it and you congeal the joy and you want with lack of appetite and you are saved now and you fill of calm and reserves to you of the world only a calm corner and drop the heavy eyelids as judgments and you dry to you without lips and you fall asleep without dream and you think without blood and you judge yourself without time and you remain immovable on the brink of madness the way and you are saved then you do not remain with me. ” Born admirer of the woman, to such point names that it able to ruin the death: ” A woman undresses and in the dark she generates a light own and she ignites the flat sky to us she becomes sky and she is a glory to be innocent a dear or glimpsed woman does not ruin by once the death.

” When they bury Mario to you Benedetti, the screen of the wind will sketch suicidal endebles linen cloth mouths and through your ball-point pen we will dance until the convex dawn. Have a good travel GREAT POET and until ALWAYS! Tegucigalpa Honduras. 1964. Lic. In Literature Pedagogical University NacionalFrancisco Morazn. The representing International of the House of the Peruvian Poet in Honduras. Free contributor for Heraldo and FIDES of Honduras. GRADUATED IN POETRY: Virtual factory of Literary Creation With Poetry specialty. Barcelona Spain.

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