The Appropriation

March 5th, 2021 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

To other provoked by the extreme expansion of the international trade that says respect to the scale of the economic activities it tends to exceed the limits of the load capacity of the world-wide ecosystem. These problems brought for the globalization disclose a relation of particular interests in the current ambient quarrel. For I rebel (2010, p.8): The moral and ideological choices in the debate contemporary on the nature and the environment disclose, in the truth, the concrete interests of rich nations developed and of its ruling classes in the appropriation of the scarce in its domnios, but still abundant natural goods already between the underdeveloped nations. In this exactly direction, the French thinker, Guattari (1990) defends that only it will have a reply to the ecological crisis partner, will be in planetary scale and with the sprouting of an authentic revolution politics, social and cultural, which reorients the objectives of the production of corporeal properties and incorporeal. Thus, means of production sustainable and consumption must be found, therefore, as it affirms Axe (2006), the money that finances the production and the consumption is atrelado to the morality and the legality of this production and this consumption, then, the destination of this money neutral or it is not dismissed of ethical coloration, not being able, therefore, to finance the pollution and the degradation of the nature. The abundance of the goods of consumption continuously produced by the industrial system is considered, frequent a symbol of the successful performance of the modern economies, (PORTILHO, 2005), what it can all bring drastic consequncias for the environment in the planet. This means that the problems related to the environment are ignored by almost all the society, a time that, lack concrete actions, either on the part of the public power or the proper citizens in exploring and using with social responsibility the natural resources that are to the disposal of the humanity. This reality is also present in the city of Aragominas? YOU, where these resources also pass for a process of deterioration and scarcity, thus bringing consequncias of difficult recuparao to the environment.

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