Visual Arts

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Much less by being a figurative painting we will consider it art if you don’t have the qualities I have mentioned above. But it is not the concept, in my opinion, what makes great but an artistic work, the finished work. It is true that in ancient times, primitive art or Gothic transmitting a concept, a message, and they were not interested in the verisimilitude and realism, but the idea was transmitted in aesthetic, harmonica, form accepted by the senses, unconscious aesthetic sense, by both the own sense of sight. In fact, a King was represented three times larger, to give it greater expressive force and greater Majesty, but this was done with absolute aesthetic rigour, so that our senses assimilated unconsciously and with great delight his vision. No doubt that art must transmit feelings, but also feelings can be conveyed through colors, stroke, why, texture, composition. A color can be expressed a different sentiment according to the color that you have in your proximity or whatever the dimension of the shape of that color. Everything is much more complex than it seems at first glance in a good work of art, so if it is figurative as if it is not.

By this I am not according to say that conceptual art is much more in tune to transmit feelings and sensations how an artist can represent joy and also sadness – not conceptual? I think that both have been represented not conceptual figurative and abstract form – masterfully. Responding to the question of that we do not understand the conceptual art, I would say that art, or better said the Visual Arts should be Visual, aesthetically Visual Arts that naturally convey feelings and I’m afraid that current conceptual art uses a visual language excessively complicated, in that, almost always, is forgotten aesthetics and as a result the message does not reach to raise awareness of the soul of the spectator. To touch the fiber of this soul need a form of more direct and simple expression and conceptual art uses complicated hard to decipher hieroglyphics. On the other hand I believe that conceptual art is located in a section that does not correspond to, thus creating a certain confusion in the amateur public it would not more consistent to definitively separate the conceptual art of the plastic arts as they are music, literature or cinema? Original author and source of the article

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