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Wharthon VoIP

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Once reached this point, leading companies are vulnerable and not only because then the price becomes the primary decision criterion when choosing which product to buy. The worst threat is that will come from other disruptive technologies that enter into competition with the more established technologies. Modern management should be very careful of the behaviour of the markets, the requirements of consumers, those needs which seek to satisfy, you are identified with the products that consider meet it in order to determine with the passage of new innovations give step to new attributes that ensure a good market dynamics and keep conquered their consumers. Adds us, which when a disruptive technology, is born the leading companies tend to ignore it (or even despise it) because initially it is a serious threat, partly due to his lack of maturity, very real appearance and has led many companies to lose markets not to consider it relevant. However, the disruptive innovations are also evolving as all technologies (Innovation: The Attacker Advantage.) Foster, 1986) and can reach a point where you are an attractive alternative for customers. Background, concept and example reminds us example, the technology of VoIP which was born in the Internet world and was initially ignored by the operators of telecommunications companies. However, companies like Skype bet strong on VoIP when technology has been improved and standardized, enabling him to offer a service of voice in a non-regulated market and with clear advantages in terms of costs. Telecommunications operators have not been forced to react to this strong competition offering VoIP (business solutions) services and discount plans (flat rate for individuals). Universia knowledge Wharthon us adds, to understand the importance of disruptive innovation is the greatest asset of any company. In a successful company or a company with several layers of bureaucracy that impede the emergence of new ideas that can be very difficult.