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International University

October 31st, 2020 / Tags: / categories: Uncategorized /

Specializations of the same more: Civil Law, Professional Law, Public Law and international legal, but a record of training is not reflected. At first glance, this situation does not seem quite clear. After all, practically, this means that all specializations according to law students should be taught in one and the same curriculum, and specialty items also must be studied in an equal volume, including a foreign language. Meanwhile, in order to prepare specialists in international high-level requires a different, different from the common curriculum. And because it is missing, universities expand their own training program by Foreign Languages and majors within the existing State Standard, which makes curriculum overloaded. For comparison, take a sphere of the economy – in this area is a separate specialty of the World economy ", which prepares the economists working in the international market.

In the jurisprudence of this separation is not. However, even 5 years ago, universities were given diplomas, in which in the "qualification" meant "International lawyer", "a lawyer with knowledge of foreign languages, etc. Now, as the head of the International Law Department of the International University in Moscow (ME) vm Shumilov, in the reform of higher education and transition to the Bologna system, this record has been reduced to a single name "Lawyer" in all the faculties of law of the country. As a result, the employer is faced with choosing the right specialist from the set graduates to solve it, you can, find out who he studied and what is specialized.


GmbH Data

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Uniserv ‘e-mail’ eliminates time consuming research and manually correct email addresses. Uniserv GmbH with its headquarters in Pforzheim, the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe, is at the CRM-expo 2012 in Essen (11th and 12.10.2012, stand F24) Uniserv e-mail before. Lack of customer satisfaction, losses in advertising campaigns or attempts to defraud using false registration of the past belong to with Uniserv e-mail. e-mail”verified E-Mail addresses in terms of accuracy and deliverability in three steps: syntax checking, domain verification and consideration of the entire address on deliverability. Thus eliminates the time consuming research and manual correction of email addresses.

Uniserv e-mail”is about a Web service interface simple in business processes and various CRM and ERP environments can be integrated. The cloud solution is email to the test available. “The real-time scanning Uniserv e-mail” attacks at various points: it was at the Capture email addresses in customer management systems, or if a customer through a Web form or an online portal register. The syntax check examines the E-Mail address on syntactic irregularities, i.e. on characters or strings that may not occur in an E-Mail address. The subsequent examination of the domain validated part of the E-Mail address after the @-Zeichen this determines Uniserv e-mail”If the domain exists and whether a mail server is available.

In the last step, the tool controls whether an E-Mail to the E-Mail address to be tested is deliverable. An optional part of the email validation is the examination of the domain against selected selection lists. This involves on the one hand a list with Freemail providers, to avoid for example the registration of private addresses. On the other hand, it can check addresses against a list of usable only once or for a short time E-Mail addresses, known as disposable E-mail addresses. A key can be for detection of fraud attempts Be advantage. With the tiered concept the user determines exactly what steps should be taken. Uniserv is the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe: with an internationally usable software portfolio and services for data management. Uniserv combines the data quality and data integration in data management. Uniserv meets the expectations of a holistic solution for all business data throughout the data lifecycle. With its solutions, Uniserv supports the customers not only in their initiatives for data quality, but also for projects to the data integration, data migration, data consolidation, and data synchronization, for example, in the field of CRM applications, E-business, direct and database marketing, CDI/MDM applications, data warehousing and business intelligence. The company employs more than 110 people at its headquarters in Pforzheim and in the French establishment in Paris.