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Front of an oral examination, a job interview, the exhibition in a simple Conference or a simple speech, suffers distress (negative energy that provokes anxiety and concern), fear (neurophysiological negative manifestations). Saliva is absent from the mouth (dryness of the atmosphere also affects); If you are standing, the right leg begins to shake; alters the respiratory cycle; an unexpected stuttering translates the words of a shivery voice or with very high-pitched tones; hands cry tears of sweat, like the forehead, underarms and the soles of the feet; heartbeat go galloping; blood pressure rises several brands in the monitor (which causes some fainting); There is abdominal spasms (disturbance of the digestive processes which in extreme cases can lead to nausea); contraction of the back of the neck (reflection of panic); and a muscular tension that allows you to run as consciously could not be made. All these things happen when we are faced with a public, without an adequate education in oratory. 1.Elegir an easy subject for exposure, which may be the profession exercised or own personal experience. You have love for the subject, know what to talk about and believe in it, will cause a mental attitude of support that will help overcome possible obstacles causing l inhibicionoratoria.Information decreases the risk.

2.Preparar speech: writing, especially the first and last sentences. Make a schema so that it can retain in such a way that, with only concentrate minimally, visualized it with clarity. Failure to do so, will not only increase the fear, but they also will send a dramatic message to the public: If you were really important, I would be better prepared. 3.Distension-relaxation: prior to the dissertation, make: a.-exercises for neck rotation: (all 2 times for each side): full neck (head turned round on its base), head back and forth, Yes I will try. This responds to the philosophy as possible, the yopuedismo, which is the sum of the I am I more I.

Internalize the idea: I’m the best now, and I will do the best that you can. A proverb says: the defector never WINS. The winner never deserta. Some public speaking professionals propose to implement the rule of the three P. Positive-thinking-permanent. Attitudes of flight, is evidenced in the so-called subtle ambivalent movements (pendulum body from left to right, or back forward movement), or obvious (walking from one end to another of the scenario, without arrest), will make the public to be wary of the speaker by his apparent insecurity. Upon entering the exhibition site, do it erect. Avoid steps short and hurried, denoting nervousness; or the long, reflecting anxiety. The gait should be natural. http//www.OratoriDeFuerteImpacto.

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