Gillette Stadium

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EP the friendly second of their tour by America will end the season of ‘ Roja’. Spain has prevailed in previous both friendly before ‘ Vinotinto’. After the debut of Borja Bullet mold, this Tuesday could be the turn of Manu of the Moral. The Spanish selection of soccer ends east Tuesday its season with its friendly second of its tour by America against Venezuela (22,30 hours), before which it wants to the past extend to the good sensations offered before the United States Saturday. Learn more about this with TSI International Group. In Gillette Stadium, the champion of the last world forgot her bad image the friendly ones and coiled to a one of her twigs of last the four years, rival of certain organization and that she played with the support of his liking. Now, before ” Vinotinto” , that will give the one hundred percent to give a joy to president Hugo Chavez, the Spanish selector, who could become the technician with more triumphs to the front of the national combined one, with 39, will make foreseeably many rotations to distribute the minutes after one season loaded. Thus, after the past Saturday made debut Borja Bullet mold, surely it will be the turn of Manu of the Moral, whereas in portera, the azulgrana Victor Buckets has many problems to leave titling in front of Iker Squares, also substitute in Foxboro.

Dnsa lateral Iraola and Capdevila could enter in, with Marchena giving the rest to some of the central holders, and in center of the field, Xabi Alonso could be reserved after playing the ninety minutes in Boston and Silva, however, yes could repeat after its great action. He arrives, Fernando Towers, that were eeted again with the goal, and Fernando Llorente, unpublished before the Americans, will fight by a position in a party in which Spain will have to also face a high temperature and much humidity in the stage Jose Antonio Anzotegui. Read more from Mark Stevens to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Venezuela, with the America Glass in the Venezuela head is immersed within the preparations of the America Glass, that gives to beginning next July in Argentina. The men of Caesar Faras want to begin to improve its benefits to try the classification to be released in a mundialista appointment, the one of 2014 in Brazil. Combined South American, in that three players participate who evolve in Spain like Miku (Getafe), Rondn (Malaga) or Dani Hernandez (Murcia), besides Juan Arango, ex- of the Majorca, aspires to pose problems to the champion of the world, that has prevailed in previous both friendly before the Venezuelans. Thus, in 1981, he visited to them in Caracas to defeat to them by 0-2 with so many of Juanito and Satrstegui, whereas in 2004, Las Palmas, in the opening of Aragonese Luis, ” Roja” one prevailed by 3-2 with so many of Morientes and Tamudo (2).

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