Hundreds Natives

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1. Psychological incongruity To join two elements of incongruous form gives good results. Example. Adelgaza eating everything what you wish or Aumenta Here your muscular mass making less exercises we see psychological incongruities that they will catch the greater attention since is incongruous that one becomes thin eating but, although we will not be lying because several simple meals are recommended during the day. 2. Incomplete information people remembers incompletos tasks or concepts Better than the complete ones. Our name of the book must have that incomplete concept so that it is remembered even more. Examples the 4 meals that never you must ingest before traveling Technical ancestral that the natives used by hundreds of years to have a permanent health and of natural form without existing the Doctor These titles create a curiosity nonsatiated that will be recorded in the mind of the person has read who it.

3. Specific element To use comparable and measurable elements to increase to the credibility and curiosity. Example Many people today learns to make money by Internet or As to burn fats and to lower of weight quickly Now to those we specify them examples but to be of greater quality. would be the titles turned of the following way 80% of the people into Internet learn to make money and the 4 techniques to burn fats and to lower of weight quickly 4. Size of the title When the turn out of our analysis to determine the name of the product throws many words to us, a technique is to reduce dividing it to the title in title and subtitle.

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