Mobile phone shop offers its customers nationwide low price guarantee Munich, 17 July 2008 – a discount project headquartered in Dresden, Germany, operated by in cooperation with talk +, a mobile discount mailers, currently guarantees the nationwide advantageous conditions for its online shop in the area of mobile phone contracts, mobile phones and bundle offers. I.e. Should an acquired mobile phone package with another provider competitive rates to find, so talk + refund the difference directly to the client’s account according to its warranty! The question now is why the deals at so are offered. There are probably several reasons: a talk + limited the range of mobile phone models and bundles on the most common or most popular models according to own statements generally, to move the available device types in appropriate discount classes. The same should be embodied for the tariff selection of sales here generally chooses a selection of currently cheapest offers on the market and markets them “in mass”, to lead to corresponding price and special action negotiations with providers and network operators. In addition a sleek and Central shipping logistics. The range of mobile phones and mobile telephony contracts has become very cluttered in the Internet and unfortunately there is in this sector also make dubious offers. Tip: You should respect in any case always ensure that the online-shop for trusted shops certified.

Trusted shops is the mark for online shops with a money-back guarantee for the online buyers – guaranteed by the Atradius insurance group! The mobile shop is certified by trusted shops, he meets the high requirements in terms of data and delivery security. The extensive certification monitors compliance with the criteria recommended by consumer protection agencies. More at: shopbetreiber / index.html following points should be observed as well for a mobile phone contract from an online store: resellers are central to quality and reliability checked? The customer can always call distribution, fax or (spatial) look at the Central Office? The seat of the company is located in Germany? Beware of prepayment. Are the data protection provisions respected? Here, you should take particular care that it emits no involuntary consent when ordering, to disclose his data to third parties. 0.-euro offers to ensure that no hidden costs such as in small print are.

Conclusion: The talk + online shop under is certified by trusted shops and therefore trustworthy. Almost all deals: 0,-euros. The customers go somewhere in advance at any time. All distributors) are constantly reviewed by talk + on quality and reliability. Positively striking at also, that none fall to hidden fees or costs. The newspapers mentioned Bausch & Lomb not as a source, but as a related topic. It is laudable that no costs in the “fine print” are hidden. Marina Bappy

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