(Online article) – (online-Artikel.de) – the funded supplementary pension increase to an attractive product. The private pension for singles and families, Gering – and better incomes. Promising he – was not the start of the Riester pension in 2002. The State-sponsored supplementary provision named after former Federal Labour Minister Walter Riester was among experts as too complicated. But now experts are largely in agreement: this retirement planning module is better than its reputation. The Riester-rente is indeed far from perfect, but there is currently no better State-sponsored retirement provision product”, use duck protectors Peter Grieble says of the consumer advice centre in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The plus: the State supports the establishment of the supplementary pension allowances and tax benefits. Promotion depends on the marital status in the enjoyment of this financial blessing can come all affected workers by reduction of the statutory pension and civil service pensions – first and foremost so, but also officials and Employees in the public service. How much funding they receive, especially the marital status depends on (see the definition on the left). 2006 get singles 114 euro basic allowance, married couples double – as long as both partners each conclude a contract. There is extra money for the young. The funding source gushing but only if the savers at the same time pays contributions out of their own pockets.

The State bought the full subsidy currently only investors who pay at least 3 percent of their social insurance contributions last year gross income into a Riester contract. As of 2008, four per cent of the salary of the previous year are due then. The supplements also include the minimum own contribution as he demanded savings contribution in technical jargon is called by the State. Riester Bill for a family of four adoption: married earner with two child benefit-eligible children; Allowances and tax breaks 2006 Rentenversicherungs-requiring previous wage basic allowance allowance minimum of equity amount savings performance additional tax savings rate EUR 10 000 276 228 euro Euro 60 Euro 564 Euro 0 Euro 89 % 20 000 Euro 228 Euro 276 Euro 96 Euro 600 Euro 0 Euro 84 % 30 000 Euro 228 Euro 276 Euro 396 Euro 900 Euro 0 Euro 56 % 40 000 Euro 228 Euro 276 Euro 696 Euro 1200 Euro 0 Euro 42 % 60 000 Euro 228 Euro 276 Euro 1071 Euro 1575 Euro 5 Euro 32 % 75 000 Euro 228 Euro 276 Euro 1071 Euro 1575 Euro 15 Euro 39 % 1) Die Savings is equivalent to the amount that is paid a total annual retire the beasts. It is calculated as equity performance plus allowance; in 2006 at least 3% of the previous salary to obtain the full allowance, 1575 EUR; (2) the full amount of State funding is calculated from the allowances and the discharge by the special deduction; (3) the output corresponds to the percentage of the savings power, which is covered by the funding in the form of allowances and special edition print; (4) basic allowance: the amount must be transferred at least from its own resources to the Riester contract; Sources: Federal Ministry of finance, to clarify the insurance website is einsurance.de example: A family of four with a previous year income of 60000 euro saves the required 1575 euros this year. Of them, the State takes over 504 euro in the form of allowances (114 euros per spouse plus 138 euro per child), which flow directly to the retirement savings account. The family must muster only 1071 EUR in the year (see table above).

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