New partner program provides faster data access and new opportunities for the partners of Utrecht, Netherlands – stellar data recovery B.V.., a global provider of data recovery services and software, has launched an enhanced partner program for the European market. The company had 2009 presented its first partner program, with the IT service providers and IT retailers expanded their business to a data recovery service. Allowing partners to offer the entire range of the data recovery services under their own name or the name of stellar. The partners had so the advantage to use their trusted and well known address in case of data recovery. With the new and improved affiliate program, all customers can send their data recovery cases directly into the online partner environment.

All cases in the context of the new partner program priority be given by the fully automated management. The new program also provides a number of software packages for advanced data recovery partners and customers. The partners of stellar Place data recovery to expand are in a unique position, all benefits packages make use of and their business with powerful and immediate. The extremely attractive discounts and commissions, which create a financial win-win situation for all parties involved remain part of the partner program”, said Kees Jan Meerman, Chief Operations Officer at stellar data recovery B.V.. The stellar partner program is open to all IT service providers in Europe, for example, in countries such as United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Italy and Spain. About stellar data recovery stellar data recovery on the world of sophisticated data recovery software and data recovery services provides. Stellar has 100, as well as the most comprehensive range of self developed software tools for data recovery Labs with over one hundred F & professionals and experts in data recovery, several clean room of class in most European countries, the United States and India. Stellar offers full Data recovery solutions in all cases of data loss. Contact information: Kees Jan Meerman / Chief operations officer under den Linden 21 10117 Berlin Germany Tel: 030 692 008 300 fax: 030 692 008 309 E-Mail:

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