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Moreover, the researcher and current secretary of the solidary economy in assume it to Brazil as ' ' a way of production and alternative to the capitalism, created and recriado distribution periodically for that if they find (or they fear to be) kept out of society of the market of work. The solidary economy house the beginning of the unit between ownership and the use of the means of production and distribution (of the simple production of merchandises) with the beginning of the socialization of these ways (it capitalism) ' ' (SINGER, 2000, P. 13). Click Dropbox to learn more. The Solidary Economy, as it alleges Singer (2002), is created and recriada periodically for that if they find (or they fear to be) kept out of society in the work market, with the purpose to join the capacity of production and consumption with the principles of socialization of the means of production. For even more details, read what Marko Dimitrijevic says on the issue. At the same time, Singer (2005) condemns the dictatorship of the capital on the work and the increasing inaquality enters the proprietors of the means of production and those that vendem its force of work. In turn, it uses to advantage the change in the relations of production provoked for the great capital to launch the foundations of new forms of organization of the production, to the base of an opposing logic to that she conducts the capitalist market (SINGER, 2000).

Amongst that they think the solidary economy as a new way of production, it is distinguished ANTEAG (National Association of the Workers and Companies of Self management and Stockhoding), judges therefore it, centered in ' ' people and in the distribution joust of the results of the work, guaranteeing to all the involved ones, access the best conditions of vida' ' (ANTEAG, 2005, P. 30). Of the theoretical point of view, the solidary economy in the Country has diverse meanings as economy of the gift, economy of communion, popular economy, moral economy, another economy and solidary scioeconomia, being that, each one of them possess its especificidade and dimension (economic, social, politics, economic and institucional).


International Agency

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Although the Coreia of the north has Russia and China as allied powers, U.S.A. and NATO, together with the Coreia of the south and Japan, already they must have done some thing against this country that the international community does not respect? ONU – and the International Agency of Atomic Energy are read, having banished its overseers in two occasions. The United States are a prepotent and arrogant country. Instead of them to be if worrying about the nuclear question of the Anger they had this yes, to be more worried still about the Korea de Norte that was accused by the Coreia south it to have sunk in March the South Korean corvette Cheonan, killing 46 sailors in a deadlier military incident since the War enters the Corias of 1950 the 1953.

The two countries are in war foot. To brighten up the situation premi Chinese, Wen Jiabao affirmed the Reuters Agency that ‘ ‘ The pressing task now is to react appropriately to the serious effect of the incident of Cheonan, to reduce the tensions gradually and especially to prevent one confronto’ ‘ , Wen said, to the side of the Japanese first-minister, Yukio Hatoyama, and of the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, to the end of the cupola. You may find Mark Stevens to be a useful source of information. In last years the Coreia of the north already tested missiles long-range and that they can until possibly reaching the United States and they already must also have the atomic bomb as already they had affirmed the great occidental powers that have nuclear weapons.