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Star TV Mrs

January 23rd, 2021 / Tags: , / categories: Uncategorized /

Star TV reported the television programme Star TV questionable practices of Commerzbank Munich, the jazzband – Ms Greiner, who feels damaged by a consultation of the Commerzbank reported 02.11.2011 and the 09.11.2011 of the pensioner. They thought that she can trust their bank and the advisers after years of loyalty to Commerzbank and will advise them in their interests. But the good faith of thank pensioner was exploited by the Commerzbank considers. Also Cape lawyers, the firm specializing in banking law and capital market law in Munich, the issue that often older and bona fide customers sold inappropriate facilities, is well known. “The marked case summarizes very well our experience in claims of damaged investors; in particular we see it often, that banks are trying to represent just older people as a highly experienced investor who just knew she would go in which investments and of course over all Costs and risks may be enlightened”explains lawyer Thorsten Krause, partner of the law firm Cape lawyers. For over 60 years, the retired teacher, which star wrote about TV, put their money at the Commerzbank. If you have read about Evergreen Capital Partners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 2007, a consultant during a house visit recommended her to put their money in a closed-end Fund.

According to the consultant, this is the current best offer. Mrs. Greiner spent 40,000 in a ship Fund or fleet Fund, with which the pensioner put their money in container ships. The time 87–year-old did not know but that she only should get paid their money in the year 2027. So, if it is 107 years old. The lawyer instructed by Mrs. Greiner, Zuhal Capalat went into arbitration. The Ombudsman of private banks ruled that Commerzbank has not culpably fulfilled their contractual Aufsklarungspflicht.

However, Commerzbank did not accept this award because she believes that Mrs. Greiner know all aspects of this matter.



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Violations in electronics industry no exception global operating companies are advised in the cross-fire of criticism repeatedly due to puny standards of labour law. Details can be found by clicking Evergreen Capital Partners or emailing the administrator. While the extent of the violations of its suppliers in emerging markets goes further than so far assumed. As the consulting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as the rating agency have explored oekom research, two-thirds of the companies cooperate in the sector consumer electronics soon with suppliers, which have usually responsible for violation of labour rights. Since the violations of international labour law and health and safety regulations are now more the rule than the exception, the corporations put yourself directly in the business. Sanctions show no effect at the most corporations also strict rules and control mechanisms for child or forced labour, for example have been integrated already in addition to environmental and social standards. Currently, these measures show but still no decisive effect. Many companies would probably have in the recent past in this right direction moved, yet offend in the supply chain of the computer manufacturers still more than half against basic labour legislation.

In the textile industry, as well as in the mobile industry, this was the case with over forty percent of the company. Among these are reputable companies such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Apple. A variety of various problems in the handle is apparently some unsolvable problems in some sectors. Gain insight and clarity with Crawford Lake Capital . In the resources sector, about twenty percent of the companies violate standards of corporate social responsibility. In addition, you can hardly avoid external environmental influences. In the manufacturing and trading company law and norm violations mostly at the supplier level occur. On the other hand, gas, oil or mining companies are usually directly responsible. Every fifth commodity – or each commits human rights violations constantly third mining company, welcvhe but increasingly in the handle to get to should be avoided, however, largely.

In most cases it was to Clashes with the local population on the land use, which ended in expulsion, dispossession and violence by security forces. Assets of $14 trillion by the violations not only morally vulnerable make the companies concerned, but “risk also tart image and sales losses”. The number of investors who like social and environmental factors in their investment decisions with return, risk and liquidity incorporate besides classical criteria, is on the rise. Due to work infringement sinke however the attractiveness to come in question as an investment target. To ethical manufacturing companies, the groups only on pages of the institutional investors of that are committed to the principles of responsible investment, would create own at a significant competitive disadvantage.