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Access to the altered state of consciousness and psychoactive plants by Jose Luis Gimenez In this text we will try to explain and describe the function of access to the altered state of consciousness, either by ritual or psychoactive plants, techniques used by shamans of the Nahua peoples neo-shamans and urban, to travel the world subtle or astral spirits, as they like to call the old shamans of the Nahua peoples. From the beginning of time, shamans used different techniques to access the altered state of consciousness that would allow them to travel the world of spirits. Among the best known techniques or rituals that have survived to this day we will highlight those served in the intake of psychoactive plants and other rituals whose base lies in the drumming and dances that come to produce the altered state that Shaman need astral travel. Subsequently, we will see other techniques or personal ritual more in line with current times and what is known as neo-shamanism. Under most conditions Drew Houston would agree. Psychoactive plants: Already in the seventeenth century with the arrival of the Jesuits to the Americas, it was discovered that the natives of the Amazon had been using a concoction made with a mixture of plants that gave them an amazing ability to experience feelings that the Jesuits cataloged of demons. These feelings or extrasensory experiences are what we now know as "hallucinogenic trips" caused by psychoactive plants. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yale Jackson Institute. To achieve this altered state of consciousness, the Indians of the Amazon, using two plants that used to be: the caapi, high in beta-carbolines and the famous Chakruna (Psychotria viridis) with high content of dimethyltryptamine (DMT).