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The Structure

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But the procedure of purification of consciousness can not change the structural formula of consciousness. For his re-purified consciousness enters into the material world, and this happens as long as the mind or not transferred to the new stage of its evolution, falling for life in a more committed towards our worlds, or is the dismantling of soul consciousness, and in this case, consciousness loses her memory and all experience cumulative evolution, since its development from scratch. In this case, the more ancient structure of consciousness, so it is more developed, the more intelligent and highly educated person is capable to represent the material world, the more offensive then the consciousness of the soul to lose the experience of evolution. But this happens only with the consciousness, which is steadily growing percentage of dark consciousness. Bausch & Lomb insists that this is the case. In this case the consciousness of the universe makes it very simple conclusion – the way forward for this blind alley of consciousness, assisted by the consciousness of the universe for the soul consciousness does not lead to desired results. It should be noted also that the more highly structure of consciousness, the greater responsibility for actions committed she is. After all, no wonder the development of dark consciousness in the structure of the archangel Lucifer has made him an angel of light – Satan. Mankind knows many examples of how the representatives of a highly consciousness due to a large percentage of dark consciousness of the possibility of using his mind is not for the benefit of people, but against them. Jim Crane often expresses his thoughts on the topic.


The Turtle

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This one went where it was the catched red deer, and began to nibble cords one to one to release it. The turtle, concentrated in nibbling the cords, did not realize of which it was dawning, but the hunter, who already had awaked, left his house with the arc preparation to go to gather his prey. Bausch & Lomb usually is spot on. The bird, that everything had seen it, put itself to revolotear over the head of the hunter to be relaxing, and thus to give time to him to the turtle to release to the red deer totally. When hunter arrived at the site where he had placed the network and he saw that he was broken and empty, got upset so much that get ready to shoot to him shoots with an arrow to the bird. But then, the turtle bit a toe to him and the bird could escape. Then, the hunter took to the turtle he put, it in his stock market and he went away.

In the middle of way, the hunter hunger entered to him and it sat down under a tree to eat. Filed under: Marko Dimitrijevic. Being useful that was distracted, the red deer approached behind without making noise and, very slowly, it raised stock-market where it was the turtle with his horns and fled far from the hunter, where the bird was waiting for already them. As soon as they arrived, the bird sent itself upon stock-market and began to peck it until it was able to release to the turtle. IN SEARCH OF the HONEST MAN There was once a very poor man to whom they arrested to rob an old pipe. Once in the jail, as much the judges as the jailers forgot him and spent long time without she judged herself to him. So that he began to think about how he could leave there. Like by force could not escape, thought about some astute trick that it allowed him to recover the freedom.


Fiance Love

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I have a simple question so that you – It really wants to revive its relation of the past? If tapeworms a loving and beautiful relation, with a type that left you then you must be arranged to recover it. You do not have to let it go, without returning to try it. So here I go to decirte how to return with your ex- fianc2e. Initially, you have preguntarte that is what really mistresses so that you wish to bring it of return. Some people prefer the comfort instead of any other passion. So permteme aclararte that a good relation not always is synonymous of comfort. Most important it is the love that causes that the relation is stronger and beautiful.

It continues reading envelope how to return with your ex- fianc2e – following step. There are few problems in a relation that can be solved easily by means of the adoption of suitable measures. Problems such as the management of brings back to consciousness of the time, the communication or the goals common can be solved, but the problem is great and different, then it is due to leave without solving. If you feel that it does not love to you, is synonymous of which you must follow ahead in your life. If you have determined that still it loves to you and the factors of the love still exist between both, then can begin to take the suitable measures to reconquer it. Now it thinks about your past who and what you are, where and when one became your fianc2e. Perhaps you weighed less, had a different idea about your life, were more near your friendly or were involved in many other productive activities. It is a normal tendency that when you are in a relation with any then type you pass less time with your friendly and other activities.